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Life lessons can be gleaned from the comic strips

December 10, 2011 Reading the Sunday comics will give you more than a laugh, I’m sure of that now. Not that I wasn’t always certain reading the comics was a good thing, but now I’ve got proof. more »»

Retirement means finding opportunities to be busy

December 4, 2011 There’s magic in the very name of Christmas. Oh, how I wish I’d written that line. Well, I did write it just now, but I didn’t create it. more »»

Hugs, smiles and dolls help keep self-pity at bay

November 27, 2011 Self-pity’s a sneaky fiend. It slithers up behind you and bites you right there before you have a chance to sit down and think it over. A real pain in the, well, you know. OK, just say it. more »»

Fido and Dana are gone; memories are ‘WICKED’

November 20, 2011 Fido is gone. Kaput. He flew in while I stood at the stove and lit on the black handle, trying to blend in. But I saw him and slowly moved to the fly swatter hanging at the end of the cupboard. more »»

Slithery houseguest makes an unwelcome visit

November 13, 2011 There’s a big, black fly in my house that won’t leave me alone. I call him Fido. Fido’s all over me, unless I’ve got a fly swatter or rolled-up paper in my hand. more »»

Veterans’ tales range from happy to the horrific

November 6, 2011 Oh, people, you’re in for a treat. more »»

Phony accent makes falling asleep a distinct possibility

October 30, 2011 It’s just plain mean on an 11 p.m. TV commercial when someone waves a cookie sheet in the air saying they’d just been inspired to bake cookies. more »»

Pondering the things that keep you awake at night

October 23, 2011 My brain must be slowing down. more »»

Enthusiasm patch comes with friend’s book signing

October 16, 2011 Writing is more than a job for me. It’s a passion, and I don’t have many passions. My enthusiasm blew out last Sunday, but I plan to have it patched. I need to have it patched. It must be patched. more »»

From dreams to retirement isn’t a big step, after all

October 9, 2011 In a dream, you can do things you can’t in real life. So, I’m lying in bed waiting for a program to begin. A man stands to talk, but suddenly there’s a raucous noise. more »»

New journal offers way to plan funeral, leave legacy

October 2, 2011 You just never know when you’re knee-deep in your passion that this connection will help you in years to come. Just ask Bruce Reimers, of Humboldt. more »»

Funny how cleaning a drawer brings back memories

September 25, 2011 In two days I’ll be starting my 12th year at The Messenger. In 18 days, I’ll be retired. Hmmm. I’ve started cleaning out drawers here at wor. more »»

Inadvertent running of the red light brings on a Bulit

September 18, 2011 I got stopped by a bullet in Denison last week. R. Bulit, not an exploding bullet, but the result seemed much the same. R. Bulit is a police officer. more »»

Cowboy dreams and grandmother memories

September 11, 2011 I should have been a cowboy. Oh, that falling off every horse I ever got on thing would have hampered my career, but the love of something almost always wins. I do love horse. more »»

Dream gives birth to 9/11 memorial ride of honor

September 4, 2011 Good morning, Woody. I can see by your outfit that you’re not a cowboy. Certainly not the pullstring cowboy of “Toy Story” fame. No, not a cowboy. more »»

Sometimes being first is a continuous state

August 28, 2011 Somebody has to be first. That’s just the way things go. And Svana Lamb, of Fort Dodge, is as close to a historic first as growing up next to it. To him. more »»

Happy might end if a wedding dress goes missing

August 21, 2011 This is shaping up to be a happy week. Happy birthday to my sister, Barbara. Happy anniversary to my sister, Cindy, and her husband, Dwight. Happy birthday to my husband, Walt. more »»

Raising money for the Honor Flight was a fun affair

August 14, 2011 You knew this was coming. I’m going to gush about how much fun I had at last Sunday’s benefit for the Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight and how good the entertainment was. I’ve got to do i. more »»

Family fun, Honor Flight benefit make this a good day

August 7, 2011 If it’s seemed uncommonly loud in the Friendship Haven area this weekend, it’s the fault of sweet, little Marjorie Dannenbring. more »»

Do-overs can take a person back to World War II history

July 31, 2011 Do-overs should be available to anyone. I need do-overs big time. With a do-over, I wouldn’t cry my heart dry when my boyfriend broke up with me, no matter how blonde his next girlfriend was. more »»



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