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Ringing bells is a good way to warm your heart

December 16, 2012 Supper often sounds like standing outside in the cold ringing bells for the Salvation Army. It’s just warmer. My husband is still at Tompkins Center, and I almost always eat supper with him. more »»

Imagination goes a long way at Christmastime

December 9, 2012 Two weeks and two days from now it’s Christmas. You might be done getting the perfect gifts for people you love, but if not, I’ve got two great idea. more »»

Shopping locally beats the heck out of ‘But wait’

December 2, 2012 But wait. Regrettably I’ve succumbed to a few of those admonitions, and both times they turned out to be exactly what my husband always warned me they would be. Not worth the trouble. more »»

Scientific breakthrough hinges on fear, dreams

November 25, 2012 Hold the phone, kids, I’ve made a major scientific breakthrough. With seven small words, I can make time stand stil. more »»

Dishonest phone calls can bring instant dislike

November 18, 2012 Whatever happened to that do-not-call deal, that’s what I want to know. It’s as if people feel free to call just because they know your number and want to call. more »»

Veterans Day is a good time to remember

November 11, 2012 Today is special. Veterans Day. Last Sunday was special, too, but I forgot to tell you it was Loree Clarken’s birthday. Likely you don’t need help remembering today as Veterans Day. Today, a 10:15 a. more »»

Sleep and quilting are not always compatible

November 4, 2012 Just give me three weeks to sleep and I might be whole again. Recently I got up about 9:30 a.m. on a Thursday and that next Sunday sat down to watch television through shut eyelids at 3:30 p.m. more »»

Campfire stories trump chilly air anytime

October 28, 2012 Everybody has her own idea of what heaven will be like. more »»

Missing teeth, missing mind vie for top of MEM

October 21, 2012 Sometimes I wonder if a night-time elf wiggles into my memory through my ears and plays games in there. That could account for any lapses in the ole memory bank. Last Sunday, for instance. more »»

Change could include TYOR buttons everywhere

October 14, 2012 Sometimes it’s hard to do anything except sit in front of my computer and look at the screen. more »»

Laurens Harvest Ball should chase away scary October

October 7, 2012 You’ve got to kiss a lot of toads before you meet a real prince. That’s what they say anyway. more »»

Crazy quilt of solitude; the voices haunt me ...

September 30, 2012 Talk about unnerving. A few nights back I sat at my computer in a darkened attic room in a dark house playing a few extra rounds of Scrabble before calling it quits for the day. No music played. more »»

The best intentions often lead to memories

September 23, 2012 With the best of intentions, I sat in my recliner, quilt on my lap and a threaded needle in my hand. That thing isn’t going to bind itself, you kno. more »»

Every time she nears that phone, it’s ringing

September 16, 2012 First time for everything, my ears still ring. No chug-a-lug here, though. This isn’t Roger Miller’s song popping through. This is serious acrimony. I had to look that word up, but it fits. more »»

Grandparents Day is a good day to heal any hurt

September 9, 2012 There’s a reason odd things happen. Grandma Frieda has been on my mind lately. She died in 1985. more »»

Mothers come, mothers go; watch out for the mirror

September 2, 2012 It’s official. I’ve become my mother. I see her in the mirror, and almost always when I look, my mouth is set like hers. As if she’s just about to say something nobody really wants to hear. more »»

Seeking photos of the fallen

August 26, 2012 Soldiers in Vietnam fought more than jungles and rivers and the enemy. more »»

Quilt shows offer beauty; quilts can help others

August 19, 2012 Boy, have we got a deal for you — especially if you like looking at quilts. The Fort Dodge Area Quilters will take a busload of people to the American Quilting Society show in Des Moines on Oct. more »»

Education comes in nasty package of problems

August 12, 2012 Write a note to yourself, they tell me. Then I won’t forget to do whatever it is I should be doing. I forget to write the note. How’s it come I cannot remember that note, I’ll never kno. more »»

Looking for a classmate in the Olympic parade

August 5, 2012 Hand ball. Water polo. Archery. Badminton. This is the first year I’ve seen any of these sports during television coverage of the Olympics. more »»



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