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Grandparents Day is a good day to heal any hurt

September 9, 2012 There’s a reason odd things happen. Grandma Frieda has been on my mind lately. She died in 1985. more »»

Mothers come, mothers go; watch out for the mirror

September 2, 2012 It’s official. I’ve become my mother. I see her in the mirror, and almost always when I look, my mouth is set like hers. As if she’s just about to say something nobody really wants to hear. more »»

Seeking photos of the fallen

August 26, 2012 Soldiers in Vietnam fought more than jungles and rivers and the enemy. more »»

Quilt shows offer beauty; quilts can help others

August 19, 2012 Boy, have we got a deal for you — especially if you like looking at quilts. The Fort Dodge Area Quilters will take a busload of people to the American Quilting Society show in Des Moines on Oct. more »»

Education comes in nasty package of problems

August 12, 2012 Write a note to yourself, they tell me. Then I won’t forget to do whatever it is I should be doing. I forget to write the note. How’s it come I cannot remember that note, I’ll never kno. more »»

Looking for a classmate in the Olympic parade

August 5, 2012 Hand ball. Water polo. Archery. Badminton. This is the first year I’ve seen any of these sports during television coverage of the Olympics. more »»

Bemoaning the high cost of buying toothpaste

July 29, 2012 Toothpaste. That’s all I wanted. It cost $77.41. For whatever reason, I cannot go shopping and buy only what I go shopping to buy. more »»

Vincent celebration offers chance to see the past

July 22, 2012 Given one chance at a do-over, I’d take that do-over back to 1910 and spend a week in Vincent. The thought of how active that little town must have been makes me want to be part of it. more »»

Too much fun can lead to an achy possibility

July 15, 2012 You know how when you laugh hard, it easily turns into crying? That same irrational combination holds together extreme happiness and the worst kind of depression — the depression that follows too... more »»

Reunion fun flows to stories of war

July 8, 2012 Mind bubbles explode in my head too often for comfort, especially after a day of fun. more »»

Train trip gives her time to think of repetition

July 1, 2012 An awful habit plagues me, but I’m quite sure it exists. When I tell anyone something I think is important, I almost always tell her twice. Or him. more »»

Flamingo blinks at the Clare Public Library

June 24, 2012 Used to be the middle of summer wasn’t until the middle of July, but with school getting out later and starting earlier, I’m never sure when the middle of summer is. more »»

Father’s Day is perfect day to help others

June 17, 2012 Father’s Day, by tradition, ends up with hand-made cards stuck to the refrigerator and a promise to do whatever Daddy wants. Go fishing. Take a hike. Play cribbage. Watch TV. more »»

Paradokians: Such a way to get the point across

June 10, 2012 While searching my computer, I found this funny sent by a friend. I never knew what to call these sentences, but I love the idea of trying to write the. more »»

Change can be the end of a dream

June 3, 2012 Oh, heartache go away. Take your loss of hope and expectation. Say it ain’t so. more »»

Memories tend to show the way we were

May 27, 2012 Monday brings memories. Every Monday, to some extent, but tomorrow Monday more than most because tomorrow Monday is Memorial Day. more »»

It’s tough for her to realize D-J-I-N is a word

May 20, 2012 If old habits die hard, it shouldn’t be a problem to read the dictionary. more »»

Asking for help isn’t a bad thing, really

May 13, 2012 Sometimes you’ve just got to ask for help. I sewed myself into a corner the other day when I was making a quilt for a friend’s wedding, so I had to take my problem to my sister, the quilt guru. more »»

Brushing a horse makes the years disappear

May 6, 2012 Some days are better than others. Much better. On a recent Sunday, I stood quietly watching a friend work. It’s good to watch others work, you kno. more »»

Hunting hawks were a sign of wonder to come

April 29, 2012 Never have I seen hawks hunting in pairs, but that happened twice on my trip to Ottumwa to meet a new frien. more »»



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