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Train trip gives her time to think of repetition

July 1, 2012 An awful habit plagues me, but I’m quite sure it exists. When I tell anyone something I think is important, I almost always tell her twice. Or him. more »»

Flamingo blinks at the Clare Public Library

June 24, 2012 Used to be the middle of summer wasn’t until the middle of July, but with school getting out later and starting earlier, I’m never sure when the middle of summer is. more »»

Father’s Day is perfect day to help others

June 17, 2012 Father’s Day, by tradition, ends up with hand-made cards stuck to the refrigerator and a promise to do whatever Daddy wants. Go fishing. Take a hike. Play cribbage. Watch TV. more »»

Paradokians: Such a way to get the point across

June 10, 2012 While searching my computer, I found this funny sent by a friend. I never knew what to call these sentences, but I love the idea of trying to write the. more »»

Change can be the end of a dream

June 3, 2012 Oh, heartache go away. Take your loss of hope and expectation. Say it ain’t so. more »»

Memories tend to show the way we were

May 27, 2012 Monday brings memories. Every Monday, to some extent, but tomorrow Monday more than most because tomorrow Monday is Memorial Day. more »»

It’s tough for her to realize D-J-I-N is a word

May 20, 2012 If old habits die hard, it shouldn’t be a problem to read the dictionary. more »»

Asking for help isn’t a bad thing, really

May 13, 2012 Sometimes you’ve just got to ask for help. I sewed myself into a corner the other day when I was making a quilt for a friend’s wedding, so I had to take my problem to my sister, the quilt guru. more »»

Brushing a horse makes the years disappear

May 6, 2012 Some days are better than others. Much better. On a recent Sunday, I stood quietly watching a friend work. It’s good to watch others work, you kno. more »»

Hunting hawks were a sign of wonder to come

April 29, 2012 Never have I seen hawks hunting in pairs, but that happened twice on my trip to Ottumwa to meet a new frien. more »»

Some days are so full of activity, napping is difficult

April 22, 2012 If I had to borrow a motto, I’d borrow from Morton Salt. When it rains, it pours. A person goes along, doing a little of this, a little of that, catching up on sleep. more »»

Pondering tax day and a multimillion dollar pay day

April 15, 2012 Today is income tax day. A person can work like mad all year, saving a bit here and there, yet in one touch of a pen, the checkbook can be emptied by tax day. more »»

Stress nears when baking cakes, making quilts

April 8, 2012 Should you see me out in public these days with a pained expression and glassy eyes, be careful what you say. more »»

Pretty is as pretty does – unless it stinks

April 1, 2012 Nothing that comes out of boxes in basements surprises me. Or almost nothing. It is a bit unusual, however, for a 6-foot plant to spring its odoriferous purple head out of a small cardboard box. more »»

Painter’s work makes cleaning attic room necessary

March 25, 2012 God’s still giggling. He had a thought, put that thought into action, then sat back to watch me go nuts. We all know how anal I am about tossing anything that might still be usabl. more »»

Tire on trunk a surprising memory flashback

March 18, 2012 No, no, no, no, no, no, no. more »»

Speed record cause of envy for woman driver

March 11, 2012 Way back in 1968 in my first stint at The Messenger, I was fresh out of college with strong walking legs and an emotional need for a car. more »»

Kind-hearted people give Davis reason to smile

March 4, 2012 Everybody has a story. That’s a given. You’ve just got to as. more »»

Photos with Dolly is far better than icy flight

February 26, 2012 Warm winter weather makes taking care of my driveway easier. more »»

Plunking clock brings time and memories to light

February 19, 2012 Little things mean a lot. They can also drive you crazy. My new kitchen clock looks great, but it’s the noisiest clock I’ve ever hear. more »»



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