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Impossible to do nothing after hectic weeks

November 2, 2014 Brain power quits working when tired sets in, and it's not a good end to a hectic time. more »»

Quilts offer beauty; Operation Christmas offers help

October 26, 2014 Don’t forget. Today is the last day of the Fort Dodge Area Quilters biennial show, so if you’re up for an overload of color and beauty, stop out at the fairgrounds and look aroun. more »»

Choosing how to start may be the hardest part

October 19, 2014 It's all or nothing. Too much of a good thing. When it rains, it pours. And I'm not talking about salt on a rainy day, either. more »»

Computer glasses won’t keep someone awake

October 12, 2014 Good ideas don’t always work. Regular glasses and computer glasses seem like a good idea, and it may be so. more »»

‘Gone with the Wind’ brings up question of honor

October 5, 2014 Last Monday after watching “Castle,” I flipped aimlessly to TMC and landed squarely at Tara with Scarlet O'Hara. Man, was she beautiful. more »»

Unsettled life floats between writing, quilting

September 28, 2014 Ah, bother. Time seems to be moving impossibly fast. I haven’t even read the comics from last Sunday, and it’s Sunday all over again. more »»

Gifts with consequences give way to binding quilts

September 21, 2014 Gifts sometimes come with consequences. Case in point: When I stayed with my friend in Colorado, she gave me a black shawl. Soft. Very soft. more »»

Memory hauls out the stories of long ago

September 14, 2014 Phil Turner thinks I can't remember longer than a few days. Jane warned him, but he just grinned. This is just to tell everyone that I can, indeed, remember something that happened two weeks before. more »»

Painting gives way to cleaning, remembering

September 7, 2014 Well, that might have been the wrong call. Last fall I decided to paint the outside of my house, but weather interfered, and the painting kept getting postponed. more »»

Vacation fun over, unexpected sights appear

August 31, 2014 So, I’m lying in bed, and scratchy sounds slip into my dream. It’s just past noon. Yes, noon. I like being up in the night. So, I’m lying in bed just past noon. more »»

Lack of skill overtakes will to play the piano

August 24, 2014 I spend way too much time in my bathroom looking at the floor. It’s like looking at puffy white clouds in a bright blue sky. I see things. And these things change with direction. more »»

So much to know about hummingbirds

August 17, 2014 Last week I told you about hummingbird banding in Springfield, Ill. There's so much more to say. Catching a hummingbird in your bare hand has to be amazing. more »»

Hummingbird banding measures nesting success

August 10, 2014 You won’t believe this. I almost don’t, and I was there. I spent an evening in Springfield, Ill., at a hummingbird banding potluck. I took fried chicken. Now that seems wrong. more »»

Reason found for diminishing size of chips

July 27, 2014 Figured it out. Potato chip bags, newly opened, offer big chips, delicately flavored, to assuage that guilty pleasure-seeking hormone that wants nothing more than salty, greasy snacks. more »»

Chilling, glowing and sticking on rotating cycle

July 20, 2014 Sorry about last week, folks. I was sick. more »»

Memory connects all different kinds of thoughts

July 6, 2014 You’re welcome. It’s summer, and I'm pretty sure ‘'m the reason why, so you're welcome. I can't do a thing about all this water, but I really think I'm the reason it's summer. more »»

Odd happenings could be the work of spirits

June 29, 2014 Spirits surround me, I’m sure. It’s natural, and it’s good. Or has been good, until a few weeks ago. more »»

The idea of a ‘big crush’ adds a grin to reality

June 22, 2014 Not even the blues can hold up against the out-loud declaration “I had a big crush on you when I was young.” Nor can the quick addition of “I’m over it now” stop the grin. more »»

A crosstown drive at sunrise brings a big grin

June 15, 2014 Dawn makes me happy. Not my friend Dawn Bliss, though she has tickled my funny bone a time or two. No, I'm talking break-of-day stuff here. Dawn. more »»

Thoughts can too quickly go from happy to sad

June 8, 2014 OK, so I had a baby heart attack last week. Nothing serious, but still. Nearing midnight, I was in the bathroom and heard a knock at the front door. more »»



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