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Thinking about sewage really isn’t on any do-now list

May 22, 2011 Did you ever have those days when everything seems to be in good shape, but there’s no visible bottom to your pile of stuff? If there’s no visible bottom, things fall out. And it did. more »»

Veterans become friends on the Honor Flight

May 15, 2011 I deserve a Purple Heart. That’s what wounded soldiers get. And I was wounded during the Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight on May 7. I got a big blister on my bunion. more »»

Mother’s Day thoughts blend past with the present

May 8, 2011 Today is Mother’s Day, and even though my mother has been dead for more than five years, I’ve only to look in the mirror to see her. That’s downright spooky. more »»

Families needn’t be royal to have exceptional people

May 1, 2011 Two days ago the royal wedding of Prince William and his lady, Kate Middleton, enthralled television viewers worldwide, but it was a different royal wedding that caught Gene Person’s attention almos... more »»

Happy and sad come from the same emotional spot

April 24, 2011 Sometimes happy just falls out of your heart and you don’t even know it’s missing because there’s so much more to us. more »»

Clare native back in Iowa reworking‘Farmer’ script

April 17, 2011 Stacia Allen is back in Iowa, and if you want her, there’s a good chance you’ll find her behind her computer at Central Perk. She sits there, drinks tea and writes all day. That’s what she said. more »»

Octopus cake could be worse than online lottery win

April 10, 2011 That’s it. Next year I’m making book on it — on my ability to bake a cake. Or, the inability to do so. more »»

Grandpa would have turned around for a good show

April 3, 2011 Honestly, I don’t ask for this stuff — it just falls into my hand. more »»

Soap box irritation hits before call for recipe out again

March 27, 2011 I didn’t think it would ever happen — people actively advertising to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby. What is that anyway? Even the concept irritates me. But I’m not kidding. more »»

With spring comes a need for different, for change

March 20, 2011 JBradley is at it again. Mrs. more »»

Old friends, lost friends, friends you’re surprised to see

March 13, 2011 Suddenly everything’s coming up friends. Old friends, lost friends, friends I only knew a bit but liked enough to be happy to see again. On Tuesday my friend Fred Larson buried his wife of 53 years. more »»

Eagle alumni doing good things for being so young

March 6, 2011 People generally go standing out in their fields as they age. That’s how you know they’re getting older. more »»

E-mail gives birth to annoying two-headed monster

February 27, 2011 You just never know what’s going to show up in my e-mail. A few weeks back, some chick named Brittany wrote to me “on behalf of Kenmore” about vital health statistics relating to dust. more »»

Detective work comes with seeing a familiar face

February 20, 2011 When people use the same face, you just can’t be surprised when someone knows who you are. Stick with me here because this will take a while. more »»

Daughters are good for hugging and making cupcakes

February 13, 2011 Not much beats throwing your arms around a daughter you’ve not seen in a long time. Sleep seems unnecessary, and there’s never enough time to do everything you want to do. more »»

Many things can make a person feel happy or badly

February 6, 2011 Going out into the area to work makes me plumb happy. There are many reasons for this, but one of the best is Big John’s in Bod. more »»

Part of brain marries emotional, intelligent responses

January 30, 2011 OK guys, here’s something that might help in your ongoing search for perfection. more »»

Whether pie or a new roof, it’s always good to help

January 23, 2011 Before I forget, did you know today is National Pie Day. They’ve got a day for almost everything, but a National Pie Day makes sweet sense to me, and I don’t even eat a lot of pie. more »»

If things go wrong, for whatever reason, prayer helps

January 16, 2011 My sister in Illinois always complained that her husband always complained that she left the cupboard doors open all the time. more »»

Visitation pinpoints six degrees of separation theory

January 9, 2011 I don’t care what you say, it’s not at all ghoulish to spend more than an hour at a wake, though I must admit it does sound odd, especially since I’d met the man just once. more »»



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