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Speed record cause of envy for woman driver

March 11, 2012 Way back in 1968 in my first stint at The Messenger, I was fresh out of college with strong walking legs and an emotional need for a car. more »»

Kind-hearted people give Davis reason to smile

March 4, 2012 Everybody has a story. That’s a given. You’ve just got to as. more »»

Photos with Dolly is far better than icy flight

February 26, 2012 Warm winter weather makes taking care of my driveway easier. more »»

Plunking clock brings time and memories to light

February 19, 2012 Little things mean a lot. They can also drive you crazy. My new kitchen clock looks great, but it’s the noisiest clock I’ve ever hear. more »»

Singing with music makes your voice sound good

February 12, 2012 I’ve been singing with Tracy Byrd, the Statler Brothers and my newest favorite, Harry Connick Jr. more »»

Wall destruction doesn’t interfere with her sleep

February 5, 2012 Well, that’s embarrassing. With carpenters in my kitchen changing everything from wallboard out, I slept in my recliner in the living room. But that’s not the embarrassing part. I snore. more »»

Her road trip home is a bittersweet experience

January 29, 2012 Bittersweet sucks. A road trip home seems about the best trip in the world, unless it’s going home to a funeral. That’s bittersweet, if anything is bittersweet. Even if home is a secondary hom. more »»

Football fans can cheer for players who help the team

January 22, 2012 It would be mean, but you could call me the kiss of death for sports teams. Look what happened to the Green Bay Packers, the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans. more »»

Fun can be found in the high school memory mire

January 15, 2012 Nostalgia bites at the most inopportune times. more »»

Problems with computer, applications are ridiculous

January 8, 2012 Ridiculous, absurd and laughable. Absurd and laughable fit my computer plight at this time. It’s no secret computers slip into nasty mode when I’m at the keyboar. more »»

Recognizing, appreciating God’s sense of humor

January 1, 2012 Never let anyone tell you God doesn’t have a sense of humo. more »»

Like chocolate in the freezer, friendships are important

December 25, 2011 And a very merry Christmas to you. Saying that, the year must be nearly gone. How that happens so quickly, I’ll never know. I haven’t given out my Halloween candy yet. more »»

Christmas ads lead to creativity — and shopping

December 17, 2011 Nothing looks better than something you created after you found out it wasn’t possible to do so. Oh, yes, yes, that makes sense. more »»

Life lessons can be gleaned from the comic strips

December 10, 2011 Reading the Sunday comics will give you more than a laugh, I’m sure of that now. Not that I wasn’t always certain reading the comics was a good thing, but now I’ve got proof. more »»

Retirement means finding opportunities to be busy

December 4, 2011 There’s magic in the very name of Christmas. Oh, how I wish I’d written that line. Well, I did write it just now, but I didn’t create it. more »»

Hugs, smiles and dolls help keep self-pity at bay

November 27, 2011 Self-pity’s a sneaky fiend. It slithers up behind you and bites you right there before you have a chance to sit down and think it over. A real pain in the, well, you know. OK, just say it. more »»

Fido and Dana are gone; memories are ‘WICKED’

November 20, 2011 Fido is gone. Kaput. He flew in while I stood at the stove and lit on the black handle, trying to blend in. But I saw him and slowly moved to the fly swatter hanging at the end of the cupboard. more »»

Slithery houseguest makes an unwelcome visit

November 13, 2011 There’s a big, black fly in my house that won’t leave me alone. I call him Fido. Fido’s all over me, unless I’ve got a fly swatter or rolled-up paper in my hand. more »»

Veterans’ tales range from happy to the horrific

November 6, 2011 Oh, people, you’re in for a treat. more »»

Phony accent makes falling asleep a distinct possibility

October 30, 2011 It’s just plain mean on an 11 p.m. TV commercial when someone waves a cookie sheet in the air saying they’d just been inspired to bake cookies. more »»



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