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Praying and a party make life very good

April 26, 2015 If I felt safe standing on the edge of a rooftop, I’d be standing on the highest rooftop I could reach yelling THANK YOU as loudly as I could. Thank you for caring. Thank you for praying. more »»

‘Insanry’ might be the word for forgetfulness

April 19, 2015 So, it’s late. We’re home from the D/SAOC cake auction and ready to laugh. My friends from southern Iowa, Nancy Hamar and Willa Clark, drove to Dodge last weekend so we could play. Play anything. more »»

A person can wish away her life if she’s not careful

April 12, 2015 Not much feels worse than sitting alone in my living room wishing my daughter Dana hadn't had to go back to Denver. No matter how long she's here, we never do all we planned. Neve. more »»

Sweet thoughts of Easter quiet boo-boo

April 5, 2015 I apologize. When I wrote last week’s column, I found myself doing it in such a hurry, I didn't read it through before sending it. When I read it on Sunday morning, I found a boo-boo. more »»

New Bender book offers a fresh look at war

March 29, 2015 How do you know when the cold is gone for certain, that’s what I want to know. I cannot possibly be contagious any longer after the antibiotics I've taken, but that cough persists. more »»

Road trip turns into series of history lessons

March 22, 2015 She plumb wore me out. Dawn loves road trips even more than I. When we go anywhere, we go for all. Few stops, little slowing down unless we’ve slipped past one of those brown signs along the road. more »»

Warm weather memories start with clean car

March 15, 2015 Warming weather must haul out memories as well as sweaters. Finally the weather warmed enough for me to wash my car, so I'm apologizing in advance in case that simple act brings on more snow or rai. more »»

Baking pizza not always the best dinner choice

March 8, 2015 I was wrong. Go figure. Pam Simpson feeds her family every week, not once a month. And I did finagle my way in again last Tuesday. Chicken and dumplings. This could get to be a habit. more »»

A lack of patience leads to an Italian meal

March 1, 2015 I need patience. And I need it right now. Waiting for anything makes me nuts. You can imagine, then, how glad I was when Dana was born six weeks early. more »»

Sometimes, every cat just loses her mouse

February 22, 2015 Oh, for heaven sake, when a normal person gets tired, she should be able to sleep and sleep well. Maybe that’s my problem. more »»

Such are the ways of sisters, sewing and love

February 15, 2015 Sometimes so much goes on around me my head doesn’t even have time to spin. My sister Barbara got into town on a Saturday and barely had her coat off before she started decluttering. more »»

For want of comfort, the wig may be lost

February 8, 2015 Some truths are self-evident. Not the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thing, but a truth that's much more down to earth. Much more tied to home and memory and feeling good about yourself. more »»

Algona mayor hopes to start Dale scholarship

February 1, 2015 Heart memories never end. When you hold someone in your heart forever, even if that person has died, his or her memory will always be with you. more »»

Smooth skin can take away unhappy feelings

January 25, 2015 Who knew? Chemo may make me sick, but my skin is as smooth as a baby's butt. At least, what I remember a baby's butt feeling like. It’s one of the side effects no one mentioned. more »»

Yep, there’s an elephant in every room

January 18, 2015 I have an elephant. It follows me around like the elephant in those breathing commercials on television and often seems to be sitting on my heart. more »»

Dick Dale’s death leaves a whole lot of empty

January 11, 2015 Sad and empty. These two little words can push a contented life right over the edge. So it must be for Marguerite Dale and her family as they fight to get past the death of her husband, Dick Dale. more »»

This year might be the year of the clean basement

January 4, 2015 This new year might be the year I get my basement cleaned. “Might” being the operative word. more »»

There must be trust in natural order of life

December 28, 2014 This year I gave in and watched some of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” People are right; it’s a good movie. I cannot say a great movie. Not at all. more »»

If only the good will and gladness could last

December 21, 2014 Old Father Time has not been doing a good job. He must have dozed off to let the end of the year come so quickly. Oh, I planned so much at the beginning of the year. more »»

There comes a time when everything changes

December 14, 2014 Adults tend to forget, I think, what it’s like to be a child. Forget what it’s like to see Christmas decorations filling the house or a trimmed tree standing tall in front of a window. more »»



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