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Accountability should be the norm

November 5, 2015 Look under “accountability” in the dictionary and who knows whose pictures you may see? What will not accompany the text is a portrayal of a federal bureaucrat. more »»

The new speaker has a big challenge

November 4, 2015 Let us hope U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the new speaker of the House of Representatives, is as creative, energetic and dedicated to reform as his record seems to indicate. more »»

Swimming program gets some help

November 3, 2015 Tight budgets make it difficult for important extracurricular programs to pay for all of the enhancements that would be beneficial to the young folks who participate in them. more »»

Local economy continues to boom

November 2, 2015 The economic boom in Webster County continues to unfold. Go. more »»

Make your voice heard at the polls

November 1, 2015 Sometimes people pay less attention to local elections than would be ideal. It’s important that Fort Dodgers not make that mistake this year. more »»

More problems emerge at troubled VA

October 31, 2015 Allison Hickey may have resigned as head of the Veterans Benefits Administration just in time to avoid being caught in the middle of a scandal. more »»

Have a Halloween that’s fun and safe

October 30, 2015 Unlike most holidays, Halloween really has no serious purpose. It’s primarily an opportunity for harmless, child-oriented fun. more »»

We should listen to this Nobel laureate

October 29, 2015 To the jeers of liberals who claim they are merely insensitive to the poor, conservatives have argued for years that simply throwing money at the economically disadvantaged is foolish. more »»

More federal revenue isn’t the answer

October 28, 2015 The federal government needs more of our money, some Washington politicians insist. Really? During the fiscal year that ended Sep. more »»

The world may now be less safe

October 27, 2015 Leaders in several Middle Eastern countries have seen the handwriting on the wall regarding U.S. acquiescence in a “deal” over Iran’s nuclear weapons program. more »»

Is Pakistan a friend of our nation?

October 26, 2015 A Pakistani official’s admission a few days ago does not exactly fall into the category of surprise of the century. more »»

October is National Pork Month

October 25, 2015 October has been designated National Pork Month. That makes it an especially good time to reflect on the importance of the pork industry to this state. more »»

Iowa Central honors its alumni

October 24, 2015 Many alumni of Iowa Central Community College made admirable contributions to the college community during their student days and have distinguished careers in the years that follow. more »»

Closing Gitmo is the wrong move

October 23, 2015 So desperate is President Barack Obama to keep a campaign promise to close the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention center that he apparently is prepared to put Americans at risk if that is what it take. more »»

Trust in America is waning abroad

October 22, 2015 Americans can’t be trusted. They don’t keep their commitments. That is the message heard loud and clear throughout the world as a result of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. more »»

Prisoner releases must make sense

October 21, 2015 Labeling criminals as threats to society merely because they have been convicted of low-level drug offenses is absurd, some clai. more »»

The Taliban must not return to power

October 20, 2015 Recently, first lady Michelle Obama took to Twitter to promote her list of “girl power” songs, ranging from “Survivor” to “Girl on Fire. more »»

This Nobel Prize winner has a message

October 19, 2015 For most of us, the work Nobel Prize winners do in fields such as science and economics is impenetrable. more »»

October is Co-op Month across US

October 18, 2015 There are various types of businesses that operate as cooperatives, but according to the National Cooperative Business Association they all are owned and democratically controlled by their members... more »»

The Democratic debate season begins

October 17, 2015 When Democrat candidates for president Hillary Clinton and Vermont Se. more »»



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