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Area heroes deserve praise

March 28, 2014 People whose positive actions go far beyond the ordinary warrant particular praise. more »»

FAA is slowing innovation

March 27, 2014 There are all sorts of possibilities for using unmanned drone aircraft to make our lives better. No pun intended, but the sky’s the limit. Except in the United States. more »»

Not fulfilled: A promise of transparency

March 25, 2014 When President Barack Obama took office, he promised Americans the most transparent administration in history. Just the opposite has occurred. more »»

Protect volunteer fire departments from ACA rules

March 24, 2014 For many years, many Americans have been able to count on volunteer fire departments to come to our aid in emergencies. more »»

Help celebrate National Ag Day

March 23, 2014 After an especially brutal winter, spring has finally arrived. As another growing season approaches, Tuesday has been set as National Ag Day by the Agriculture Council of America. more »»

All coups are not treated the same

March 22, 2014 No wonder so many foreign leaders are reluctant to go along with U.S. policy initiatives. more »»

Who cares about senior citizens?

March 22, 2014 President Barack Obama does not have to worry about votes from senior citizens this fall. more »»

This is Sunshine Week across America

March 21, 2014 Democracy functions best when the public has access to detailed information about what government officials do and why they do it. Iowa and most other states have what are called “sunshine” laws. more »»

Sending too mixed a message

March 20, 2014 Apparently neither Attorney General Eric Holder nor his boss, President Barack Obama, are familiar with the concept of sending mixed messages. more »»

Not connecting the ‘dots’

March 19, 2014 Islamic terrorists hoping for another opening to massacre Americans must wonder sometimes whether we can even see the “dots,” much less connect them. After the Sept. more »»

This problem requires action

March 19, 2014 How did Adam Lanza go from being “just a normal little weird kid,” in his father’s words, to someone who “couldn’t get any more evil”? Peter Lanza made the comments in a magazine story about his son... more »»

An important deadline looms March 31

March 17, 2014 March 31 may be a significant — and very expensive — date in your life. Don’t know why? That is not unusual. Tens of millions of Americans do not, according to public opinion polls. more »»

New licensing option makes sense

March 16, 2014 In our highly mobile society, the ease with which teaching professionals can move from state to state is made more complicated by licensing requirements. more »»

NPS report may backfire

March 14, 2014 In all likelihood, an Interior Department report recently was intended by President Barack Obama as another slap at conservatives in Congress. more »»

Overseas bases could be closed

March 14, 2014 Americans may be paying more for defense while getting less in troop strength, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel hinted recently. more »»

GAO has some good news and some bad news

March 12, 2014 Investigators with the Government Accountability Office tell us approximately $1.4 billion was spent by the government on autism research between 2008 and 2012. That is the good news. more »»

Pay attention to CBO estimate on job losses

March 12, 2014 President Barack Obama and fellow liberals claim to want to lift more Americans out of poverty. But their newest pet project would plunge half a million people deeper into it. more »»

A fitting way to honor heroism

March 11, 2014 Amid the shock and horror of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, a group of ordinary Americans became heroes by sacrificing their own lives to save other. more »»

Let’s keep our military strong

March 10, 2014 In some ways, Americans face more military threats to our security than the nation did in the days leading up to World War II. more »»

Growth Alliance celebrates FD economic success

March 9, 2014 Thursday evening an event took place that was a good deal more than just a social occasio. more »»



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