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King, Latham vote no on fiscal cliff bill

Lawmakers say it doesn’t cut spending

January 3, 2013

U.S. Reps. Steve King and Tom Latham both voted against the bill written to pull the nation back from the fiscal cliff because, they said, it doesn’t do anything to cut federal spending....

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Jan-06-13 1:37 PM

Increasing taxes didn't bring about the Clinton prosperity then? Good to know, letstalk. Perhaps the difference now is that Democrat housing policy brought about a US housing boom & bust, a global financial crisis & recession?

AS for knowing where we are and how we got there, I suggest you break covers on "Empire" and "Civilization: The West and the Rest" (Niall Ferguson), "A History of the American People (Paul Marshall), "Postwar" (Tony Judt) followed by "America Alone" and "After America" (Mark Steyn - erudition AND wit), non-Americans all.

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Jan-05-13 12:37 PM

No anderson there is absolutely nothing logical about your statement. You also have no idea what my experiences have been. When a person named Taxed Enough is disagreeing with you take a look at whether EVERYTHING is filtered through the D or R lens, the majority of Americans are apathetic the next largest group is unafilliated! Thank goodness the smallest groups are True Believers! I may not have lived through as much as you but I have studied history with a passion!

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Jan-05-13 11:54 AM

Dare say I read a lot more newspapers - also books - and have had one heck of a lot more experience with the travesties perpetrated upon us by 13 presidents, thousands of federal legislators and millions of bureaucrats than most, including you, letstalk (or should that be "let's spin"?) In any case, you should be able to recognize a tongue-in-cheek comment when you read one. But had we gone "over the cliff," Tea Party-like, we should surely have had Clinton's tax rates and Clinton's prosperity, no? Only logical, yes?

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Jan-05-13 10:56 AM

Anderson seriously read a newspaper before u vote again. No tea party candidates are for Clinton income tax rates they are higher not lower. I don't mind opinions that differ just people acting on self-generated misinformation in the voting booth has gotten old!

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Jan-04-13 2:28 PM

Gee, all they were doing was trying to go back to tax levels established by Clinton, and all you lefties know how great the economy responded to that - or so you and even Obama have told us as late as last year during the election. And I thought, also according to you and the Messiah that the Bush II cut were only for the rich. Guess everything is relative to one's status as a Democrat or a Republican. been looking Narcissus-like in the mirror. Either of those you malign have more common sense than one finds in the entire progressire/liberal/Democrat lineup.

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Jan-03-13 9:24 PM

Of course they voted no. It's the only word they know.

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Jan-03-13 7:09 PM

Steve King does not speak for his constituency. Quite honestly, like Michele Bachmann, he should be committed to a mental institution to protect himself from doing harm to himself.

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Jan-03-13 4:04 PM

Typical King - I was for everything but voted against it. What a rep.

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Jan-03-13 3:14 PM

King and other TPers are being marginalized. About time!

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Jan-03-13 12:07 PM

Surprise, surprise!

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Jan-03-13 10:31 AM

How is that going back to Clinton's income tax rates, i.e. increased taxes in response to an economic downturn (remember his "Its the economy stupid!"?), was not NOW the very best response to the economic downturn? And why weren't Obama and the drive-by media clamoring for what they touted as the great years of the Clinton economy? Politics is a strange thing indeed, making liars of politicians and fools of the majority.

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