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New FD PPEL vote set Feb. 5

Voters asked again to approve tax measure

January 22, 2013

A special election on Feb. 5 will allow voters to renew the current 67-cent Physical Plant and Equipment Levy and also increase it by an additional 67 cents....

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Jan-25-13 5:10 PM

Happy: moronic, indeed; but it was you who mentioned "safety" of the children, not I. Do you suppose it is easier to provide security at the new facility or simply that security is enhanced by being out there on the edge of town rather than IN town? In either case, that seems very questionable - if not moronic.

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Jan-25-13 12:03 PM

Anderson - you don't need to presume what I'm fixated on. How many children died at Phillips? Well thats just a moronic comment. Should I presume that you don't think preventative measures for the safety of our children is important and you are one of "those" people who think it is appropriate to wait until something bad happens to address a problem. I'm not saying our shool systems statewide don't need an overhaul - I definitely agree there, but comparing us to other countries, whats the point. Should we just let things go and say "well people in China and Europe don't have and they survive just fine." Oh but if you would like to pay for a trip to Europe for me so I can check it out I woulsn't mind!

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Jan-25-13 10:57 AM

Why do we need busses? Why should the school district be responsible to get your kid to school?

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Jan-25-13 2:48 AM

Regardless of your opinion here, at least get to the polls. The last turnout for the PPEL vote was embarrassing.

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Jan-24-13 10:33 PM

I will vote yes once again.I want the children in FDCS to have updated technology and access to tecnology like other schools around us. This money supports busses and their upkeep. We have to keep our buildings maintained. This cannot be voted on again for ten years. I will vote yes because our children deserve this! A "no" vote will be devastating. Programs and teachers will be cut because general funds money will have to be used for fixing buildings, buses,etc. This seems like an easy decision to me. If you care about education at all, please vote "yes!"

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Jan-24-13 6:05 PM

How many students died at Phillips, Happy? Do you know how easy it is to get the latest technology into a place like Phillips given WiFi? Like most Americans, you are fixated on bricks and mortar - ought to visit Europe or China sometime. Four walls are still four walls.

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Jan-24-13 5:34 PM

But Anderson the money is intended to upgrade our schools with technology. Whether or not you agree that is one place we need to put the money to catch up with other schools. Oh and I want my kids to go to a structurally safe environment for school. Yeah new middle school!

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Jan-23-13 10:40 AM

Experience, MZ, trumps ideology.

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Jan-23-13 10:35 AM

Little to be joyful about when contemplating the state of public schools in Iowa, MZ. Do you even remember - or were you even around - when Iowa schools and its literacy rate were the best in the nation? I was, and my children, fortunately, all graduated from high schools abroad. They all found stateside schools they attended, including mine that once was in the 99th percentile of Iowa schools, lagging far behind their schools abroad, few of which had FACILITIES superior to those stateside. They thought the difference in results had more to do with parental and teacher expectations and parental involvement in the schools. Personally, I believe the greater prevalence of strong nuclear families abroad was also an important factor. It's time Iowans started looking beyond bricks and mortar and just spending more dollars to improve public school education. Finally, maintenance costs should ALWAYS be an UP FRONT consideration in votes on education expenditures.

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Jan-23-13 8:39 AM

Mistakes have been made managing tax money in the past. Speaking of concrete work, at one time the school board was trying to sell property next to the old Riverside School for $100.00. None of the board members had a clue that they had just invested four thousand dollars in the property for new concrete work that was still wet. Also, could the extra land not needed by the AFES with the Hillcrest School transaction been divided into lots and sold?

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Jan-23-13 8:09 AM

As always, Anderson is being our ray of sunshine, lol

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Jan-22-13 6:48 PM

Van zyl say that the. Middle school cost the taxpayers nothing how was a paid for?

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Jan-22-13 5:48 PM

No skin in this game, but it's just the old salami tactic of the big govt people, "one slice at a time." Did they tell you about these costs in the first place? I remember when all town kids walked to school - but the they weren't built out in the country, were they, and kids were'nt so fat and indolent, either? Don't expect much of all that brick and mortar out there on 32nd Street; if bricks and mortar affected the quality of education, the US wouldn't lag so far behind the rest of the developed world. Best check out the parenting - and the eduction ESTABLISHMENT (i.e. colleges of education, unions and their political pals).

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Jan-22-13 2:36 PM

No, one of the issues was that the increase wasn't very properly explained in the first place, which was bad on them. Now hopefully with the better explantion people will get out and vote yes. It wasn't just that they are going to keep trying till they get it passed. If you read the article I believe they are saying if it doesn't pass this time we will have only 33% for the next 10 years.

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Jan-22-13 12:42 PM

Please go vote in Feb. When the voter turn out if so low, it's difficult for the policy makers to know what the real majority's wishes are. Your vote - opinion - counts. Use it. Don't make them guess.

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Jan-22-13 12:40 PM

If it is voted down again will it be back on the ballot again in April? To me this is abusing the election process by just keeping the process going until you have the result you want. I voted for it the first time and this time I will be voting against it, just because I think the people spoke the first time and if we just start having elections every month cause you lost your setting a poor learning experince for our kids. It shows them if they don't get their way just keep doing it until you get your way. It's like little kids in a store who cry until the parents give in. Bringing this back for another vote so quick sounds like the same thing.I wonder if it has anything to do with hoping the elder, fixed income voters stay home or have gone south for the winter this time?

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Jan-22-13 11:15 AM

Vote YES - ensure our children - the children of our town - have a safe and technically relevant place to learn.

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Jan-22-13 11:09 AM

That's right Fort Dodge, build a new beautiful Middle School and then vote no to maintain it or provide safe transportation for our students to and from...that sounds soooo Fort Dodge! Not even the safety of our children nor a quality education in modern facilities is important to a significant element here. It sends a powerful message to potential new businesses or families. I'll be voting "YES" for the sake of the children with the hope that when they graduate, they'll take their quality education and a positive attitude toward the future elsewhere and leave the Fort Dodge negativity and apathy behind!

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Jan-22-13 8:44 AM

A yes vote will help to insure safe school buildings and transportation for the students of FDCSD. A no vote will insure less safe buildings, transportation, and less teachers and instruction. I will vote yes for a more positive future for our schools and our city.

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Jan-22-13 8:32 AM

Didn't this just get voted down recently? These things seem to keep coming back until they pass and once they do it's over, why don't the tax payers against it have a chance for a new vote if they lose?

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Jan-22-13 8:25 AM

Having these votes all the time should be ban and done only once a year in nov. They sure like to spend people money vote NO!!!!!

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Jan-22-13 7:12 AM

School debt and City debt add up to $100 million ..Don't you love to pay higher taxes????

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Jan-22-13 2:32 AM

Will there be two measures on the ballot... One to renew the existing .67 and another measure to add another .67?

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