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New look coming to Fort Dodge trash collection system

New trucks, containers are needed

January 22, 2013

Most Fort Dodge residents will experience a whole new way of taking out the trash and recycling materials later this year. The days of putting the trash in plastic bags will end....

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Jan-22-13 8:41 AM

Will this eliminate on street parking ?.Why hasn't the report been released on how much the AC lost in 2012 ?.

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Jan-22-13 8:58 AM

I am having a really hard time thinking that this expense will make us a better city, isn't there other ways to spend money, like pay off debt, or better something that is really needed like making the black stuff in our water disappear? Why not keep the workers in place and continue on how we have been doing garbage, why add to the debt? Let the men keep their jobs and if they are done, add new people. We are taxed to death here, and personally I want out of town and into the country, the taxes are killing this town. So maybe someone should look at that? That is just my opinion.

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Jan-22-13 10:04 AM

Kudos to FD Sanitation. We are moving toward systems that will make us a cleaner, more modernized, and more efficient city.

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Jan-22-13 10:51 AM

So the monthly sanitation bill should go down now, correct? Since the rate increased back in 2010 to purchase these units and they are cheaper for the city to operate why should our bill remain the same?

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Jan-22-13 11:08 AM

I've got room! Bring it on! Glad to see the increase is finally going to something I will use and get something out of.

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Jan-22-13 11:56 AM

The good thing is people will not have to lift so much and ruin thier bodies by the time they are old enough to retire, then be cripled the rest of their lives. Make jobs easier but don't cut jobs. I agree this town needs to stop with the increases in prices of everything. Retired peoples income does not increase.

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Jan-22-13 1:15 PM

If a lid blows away or the container cracks or even gets vandalized will they be replaced free by the city or is the homeowner stuck with the bill for a replacement? Also these trucks will be a lot slower with having to lift an dump every container compared to just throwing the garbage in the back of the truck while barely stopping. Will 2 trucks be enough or is this something that needs to be looked at? Was a time study done to make a comparison on the 2 styles of pickup. I've seen these trash trucks in other cities and the driver has to get out of the truck, roll the container over to the hydraulic lift, lock it in, raise the container up to the dump position, lower the container, unhook it, roll it back on to the parking and then get back into the truck and drive a few feet and repeat the process. It is not a real fast process. If a time study hasen't been done it should be so we don't have costly suprises down the road like we have had on other city ideas.

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Jan-22-13 5:58 PM

The lids are attached. The containers are on wheels. The driver does not have to get out, thats why there is a hydraulic arm. They are much cleaner than the current system. Most communities already have this system.

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Jan-22-13 10:14 PM

These are more than likely like the ones that have been in use in the bigger cities for years, including Des Moines. They are easy to move and very convenient. People will find things to complain about no matter what but I'm hoping more will embrace this change and be open minded. Change is sometimes hard but as a great community I'm sure we can do it. :)

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Jan-23-13 3:11 AM

Boy, some of you are as frightened by the smallest amount of change to your world as New Jersey residents were when their governor suggested letting residents pump their own gas in order to lower fuel prices! Welcome to 1985 Fort Dodge! Of course this is a great step towards recycling a considerable amount more than you were because it's simply easier & more organized. Here in Portland, we have 4 containers: a little basket for the glass, a 96 gal. container for other recycling, a 96 Gal. for compost(left-overs, yard waste, other paper stuff), and a can about half the size of the 96 Gal. ones for garbage garbage. They pick up all the recycling & compost every week and only pick up the small garbage container every other week. Flatzz is also correct that the lids are hinged on and they are on wheels. Our trucks have a set-up on the right side of the truck made with gas & brake pedals on the floor in a way that lets them drive the truck standing up so they just jump of

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Jan-23-13 3:13 AM

cont.....jump off the truck to adjust any containers then back on quickly to drive to the next containers. They also do make good time with these trucks around here. I'm actually shocked that you guys won't have to separate the glass out of the rest of the recycling like most towns require. Recycling couldn't be easier FD!

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Jan-24-13 10:53 AM

This is a much needed improvement to Fort Dodge's recycling effort. The current method of separating materials and bagging is a deterrent for residents who aren't committed to recycling. This new resident is happy with the change.

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Jan-24-13 3:17 PM

My concern is that it takes all I've got physically to get my current containers to the curb. I can't imagine that one 3 times the size will be managable for me & many other senior citizens.

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