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Weighs in on school spending

January 26, 2013

To the editor: We once again are to be subjected to another special school election to try to reverse the results of the first special election....

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Feb-01-13 8:14 AM

Sharon - you are correct - that is a petty reason to vote no. Please think long and hard before you use those reasons to vote no.

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Jan-30-13 11:29 PM

Fairplay that's just in poor taste.

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Jan-30-13 11:27 PM

I am dissapointed by the amount of people who are so mean spirited towards others. I don't know much about the levy. I know things like...they are all about calling me to tell me when the meetings are now. I never got a recorded call reminding me to come to a regular school board meeting. Had several about this PPEL. No one thought to take a vote about where to build a new middle school. There was no vote to close riverside and hillcrest. If the school board needs so much money why did they sell hillcrest for only 1000.00? I don't know which way I want to go. I know its petty but I want to say no just beacuase those issues bother me. I also think they thought the first vote would go by unnoticed by the majority and they would get their ok quick and quiet..

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Jan-29-13 12:39 AM

you're so right, SKYWALKER, i really hate people who hide behind fake names.... you should all be ashamed of yourselves, stick & stones and all that. i don't agree we that we should be voting on this again but at the same time it has brought greater awareness to what the vote is actually on and the greater good of our community. way to set the record straight fdrunner on how costly a special election is and who fits the bill.

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Jan-28-13 10:13 AM

Handy has the courage to use his real identity with some ethics, intelligence, street smarts and an education to back it up his opinion. Unlike disturbed trolls who anonymously use several web aliases intended to embarrass, humiliate, and slander someones reputation. Opinions vary, but the ones that carry the most weight, are the ones that don't degrade others.

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Jan-27-13 11:29 PM

I heard Dr. Handy and Dr. Knight were going to open an office together. It will be called Handy & Handsy.

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Jan-27-13 7:31 PM

I go back to my original comment. Apparently Larry Handy has never attended a school board meeting so nobody should be surprised at his inability to understand the need for this levy - he has never asked anyone except the equally arrogant voices in his head.

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Jan-27-13 1:19 PM

How can people disagree with what FDHawkeye is stating?

here are the first 3 facts about the PPEL:

10. Even with the $.167 PPEL levy approved, tax payers will still be paying less in taxes to the schools than in the previous four years. 9. The $1.67 PPEL levy benig asked for would generate approximatley $1.5 million per year. 8. Our buildings' needs are approximately $3.9 million per year based on a five year replacement plan, far greater than what PPEL will generate.

Vote YES!! Our children, community and schools are depending on it!!

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Jan-27-13 12:45 PM

The cost of the special election was discussed in the Messenger article dated December 20, 2012 when the school board announced their intent to bring the issue back to the voters. "The special election cost $11,440.86, paid for from the district's general fund." Somebody owes somebody an apology.

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Jan-27-13 11:29 AM

It's back up for a vote because people realize it is crucial to our education system in Fort Dodge. This time people will hopefully understand it better and get out and vote. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews in FDCS, or just care about education, you hopefully will learn about what this funding will mean for the next ten years. How embarrassing and poor for our town if this does not pass. Don't think it will not Impact the programs and quality of learning. And for the record.... enrollment is increasing this year and will continue upwards especially when the new middle school opens.

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Jan-26-13 11:40 PM

I did my calling around. Maybe you should do your own investigation on how much an election cost. Did you think it actually free to run numerous poll locations? Do you actually think they're going tell the general public how much it cost. I'm sure you can look up and call members of the board and see what kind of answer. I bet they don't give you an answer. Before you call someone out lying you should do your own work and see what the real number is, my bet its close to the 12k. Let me know what you find out yourself:)

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Jan-26-13 10:22 PM

I agree with Minnie. Where are you getting this $12,000 figure? Unless you can point to a direct source for that information that others can read/see, and confirm, it's just a false number. That's called lying.

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Jan-26-13 9:26 PM

who said it costs $12000 for this election?

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Jan-26-13 5:16 PM

I thought I would put my 2 cents in. Maybe at the hearing they should of mention how much it cost to have this 2nd Vote and where the money comes. I'm guessing many people think it doesn't cost much, but to me $12k is a decent amount of money when something was already voted "no". Now, the next question, where does the money come from, well obviously the public school system general fund and if not enough money than well "Tax Payers"

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Jan-26-13 4:54 PM

Wow Larry Handy - you don't have a clue. Maybe you should have taken the time to go and listen to the discussion about the ppel fund before you spouted off. If you did you would understand that even when this passes, the taxes for the school portion is less than you were paying 4 years ago. If this isn't passed then it is the students that will suffer as teachers will lose jobs, programs will be cut and the list goes on. I had the opportunity to listen to a school board member come into one of the school booster club meetings and discuss this. I suggest that you go and talk to them and really learn about what this money does and where the money for the new middle school comes from. we need to invest in our community if we want to continue to see new businesses such as CJ America and Cargil come to town. Its ignorance like yours that keeps dragging Ft Dodge down.

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Jan-26-13 11:15 AM

A successful opposition will in time become quite evident. It will send a powerful message to potential new business or incoming families what Fort Dodge values. There always seems to be significant opposition in Fort Dodge to building a better city. The last place I expected to find division was our children, their safety and education. I'll say one thing about FD, we're consistent! I'll be voting YES!

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Jan-26-13 11:14 AM

This is the same guy that expected taxpayers to pick up the tab for cleaning up hazardous materials that spewed from his car after an accident. And for the record I had coffee with a school administrator this morning and asked how many meetings he recalls seeing the all knowing Larry Handy attend. Answer - ZERO.

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Jan-26-13 9:43 AM

So if it passes PPEL would generate $1.5 million/year and if not $300K/year. So lets put things into perspective...a $30 million dollar new middle school, a high school that would cost at least $30 million to build and lets just value the rest of the elementary schools at $40 million combined (very low estimate but I want to keep the math simple), which brings us to a total of $100 million in buildings. So if we don't pass PPEL there will be $300k to keep these up...and if it does pass there will be $1.5 million for this up keep. So what is a realistic figure to keep up a $100k house? Would you rather have $300/year or $1500? Don't forget in addition to building up keep from this yearly amount you will also need to up keep your computer, phone, and car. Now fast forward ten years...what is your house, computer, phone and car going to look and operate like? And now, what do you want your school system to look like in ten years?

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