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Alstott defends stance

Voices support for crosstown connector, calls 6th Ave. N.W. project ‘waste of money’ at forum

January 30, 2013

Fort Dodge City Councilman Kim Alstott defended his support for the crosstown connector project during a Tuesday night public question-and-answer session....

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Jan-30-13 9:05 AM

Maybe they shouldnt have bought the carpet store and spent all that money before they decided for sure what to do with the streets. what a waste of money for tax payers once again.

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Jan-30-13 9:10 AM

Typical politician. Run and get elected on one position, then change your position when it comes down to money. Fareway shoppers, remember the threats from Fareway execs when your deciding where to go to shop for your groceries. Alstott can be voted out by your vote. Fareway can be voted out with your wallet.

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Jan-30-13 9:42 AM

sounds more like a dance recital with all the tap dancing around this guy is doing. i think if he would of researched some of this prior to running the this council seat he wouldn't of made all these empty promises. he's a wooden handle short of shovel. when his own brother is supporting the other guy, shouldn't that of been a flashing red light, "no not this guy!" mr. hindman can at least exhaust all resources in finding out information prior to making promises. then again his resources far & outreach that of kim.

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Jan-30-13 9:45 AM

Oh THAT makes sense Born...let's push out a store that employs about 50 local residents and provides a great convenience to those in that neck of the woods. And as for Alstott, he may have changed his mind but that is what happens when people educate themselves on a topic. They make better decisions.

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Jan-30-13 11:29 AM

I'm curious about something; just wondering actually.

Of the five (including me) who have posted a comment on this story, how many of you currently live in Fort Dodge?

For one, I do. I have been here just over 3 years.

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Jan-30-13 11:37 AM

"Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." George Bernard Shaw

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Jan-30-13 11:39 AM

"It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view" George Eliot

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Jan-30-13 11:39 AM

Fareway is not the problem here. The problem is the members of the city council who won't listen to anything that they don't agree with. Taylor, Wilson and Hill don't want what's best for the future of Fort Dodge! Fort Dodge is on the cusp of a great growth and needs to show that it is a progressive community. Council members need to come into the office with an open mind; will to listen to and accept ideas that may go against their personal agenda.

Alstott says he went into the election favoring to postpone the Connector until he understood the positions of both the proponents and opponents. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the outspoken minority in this town. I think what he is doing is the best thing for this community.

This town needs PROGRESS not stagnation.

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Jan-30-13 11:42 AM

DodgerDoc... very good quotes!

Bullet1986...My parents moved here when I was 2 (46 years ago). My mother, sister, brother and 2 adult daughters live here also.

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Jan-30-13 12:51 PM

I would like to see this crosstown connector put up to a public vote. I must hang around different people then some on here because I haven't heard anybody in the places I hang out that wants this connector. But I also don't hang out at the Country Club. I think in a public vote some that say they are for it would vote against it once the curtain closed.

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Jan-30-13 12:58 PM

I drive this route almost every day and do not mind how i get from one place to the other. Spending several million dollars would only interest me if we had nothing else to do with the money. Someone tell me the advantage of the connector for the citizens of FD and try to be realistic about it. It is not like building a road through a mountain. Seems like it might save me 30 seconds or so getting across town.

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Jan-30-13 1:01 PM

bullet1986, i'm a lifelong fort dodger, been here 40 plus years. 82dodger, you hit it on the head.

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Jan-30-13 1:02 PM

I agrer with a public vote. I live in fort dodge. I have family and friends, majority in ward 1 and ward 2. No one i know wants or thinks the crosstown connector is a good idea. Everyone go to bobtown drive on some of thier roads and then ask yourself if you lived on that road could you really support not fixing it to build the crosstown connector? I know they are talking gran

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Jan-30-13 1:08 PM

Grant money....but lets not kid ourselves that this project isint taking our street repair money. I know 1st street needs work, lets start being proactive, something has to be done about the warden, kim has now brought up "something in the works" multiple times, lets hear it already or i have to assume its yet another false hope white lie situation. We CANNOT fix that road till the building is done or we risk the new road being tore up during renovations. Anyone else agrer with that point yet?

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Jan-30-13 1:16 PM

Sorry about the typos. The connector is taking street repair money.

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Jan-30-13 1:18 PM

Anyone know anyone who plans on running for city council or mayor this year? With all of the controversy i imagine it may pick up the interest in folks running.

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Jan-30-13 1:19 PM

SharonO, i agree with you, those roads are bad, very bad. they should have been budgeted to be fixed long before any crosstown connector should be on the agenda of things discussed. but at the same time the income that could be generated and put back into this community by making it more appealing to outside corporations and investment dollars, in turn the tax base from such ventures could afford us the budget to rebuild our already deteriorating infrastructure. it's a double edge sword i know but it's also a big gamble i for one would be behind supporting. gotta spend money to make money in most cases but at what expense is the underlying question. this is why we need individuals in place that are willing to take things a step further to see what might happen. not saying throw away money or the popular studies everyone has come to know and love, which we all should know by now are needed to help qualify for grant money, but knowledgeable enough to know what questions to ask.

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Jan-30-13 1:36 PM

Almost every day, I have someone ask me if I would be affected by the CTC and what do I think about it. I am in favor of it and actually most of the ones I talk with are also. In looking at who they are, most are business persons. And most are located within two blocks on either side of the proposed CTC. Those who say they are against it are usually ones who are not involved in the downtown in any way. It is almost like if it is not the street in front of my house, then I don't want it. Many streets in this town are in need of repair, and I think the city has been very aggresive in the past couple of years in addressing them. Just driving around the town in the summer, you can see all the work that is being done. It just cannot all be done at once. And to answer the question, I have lived in FD for almost 50 years, and own both a home and a business here.

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Jan-30-13 1:41 PM

I keep hearing about now wanting to waste the grant, well look at it like a coupon for a 10% off a birthday cake at fareway. If no one is having a birthday and you don't need cake, are you going to buy that cake just because someone gave you the 10% off? Arn't you still spending the 90% on something you don't want or need. Fix the homeowners streets who pay the taxes in this town first!

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Jan-30-13 1:42 PM

*not wanting to waste the grant money*

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Jan-30-13 1:45 PM

I dont know that we can blame Wilson and Taylor for not changing thier minds. They are representing thier wards and the majority of the people in thier wards do not want this. Its not them personally just saying no its what they feel the proper rep. Of thier constituants want, thats what i believe. I am concerned with fixing first south and then having work done on The Warden. Should that be a condition before moving forward? Whoever owns that needs to do whats going to be done before we waste money to fix the road there. I feel thats a fair stipulation. Which leads to more

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Jan-30-13 1:51 PM

I dont know why it keeps posting my comments before i am done typing them. Point well made stewart. My other problem being we have a city ordinence for property and such correct? I believe it is someones job to make sure everyone is in compliance with these. Is this true? Do we feel that person is earning thier pay? If we dont have this maybe we need to. Why have we let The Warden be as rundown as it is for as long as its been?

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Jan-30-13 2:07 PM

bullet....I grew up in FD. I am there quite often. I have family and friends that live there. My family had a business in FD for almost 50 years. The grant money being used for the CTC contains my tax money. As far as Fareway and their "50" employees, how many of those are full-time decent paying jobs? Eight to ten full-time employees. The rest are part-time no benefit barely above minimum wage jobs. I wouldn't let Fareway influence the decision. They have invested very little in FD. This is the first time in many, many years Fareway has invested any money in FD. We still don't know all the details of the backroom dealings the previous City Council and Fareway have. Put the CTC to a public vote. Let the people who are really paying for this decide.

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Jan-30-13 2:40 PM

So, Born, besides the grant money from the state which is funded by state tax dollars, while I understand your interest because of your connection you yourself truly have no skin in this game. Your family and friends who still live inside the Fort Dodge city limits do, but you do not. This does not mean that you do not have the right to put in your opinion. And, if state tax money being involved equals skin in the game of any who no longer live in Fort Dodge, than I have skin in the game where you live because your school district receives state tax money. I should then be able to tell your representatives how they should vote because you have state tax dollars to which I contribute.

The reason I asked my question is because I have noticed that there is a large contingent of those who comment on here who are naysayers about what is going on in Fort Dodge and opponents of progress, while having a connection with the city in some way, no longer live here. While you have the right

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Jan-30-13 2:41 PM

to comment, why don't you invest the time you spend on what is going on in Fort Dodge on what is happening where you currently live. I'm sure I will get many disagrees; I really don't care. I am tired of people who no longer live in Fort Dodge being negative nannies.

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