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Conservatives must convince the public

February 1, 2013

Conservatives in the House of Representatives really had no choice but to postpone debate over increasing the national debt ceiling, as they have now voted to do....

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Feb-01-13 3:24 AM

My history is a little weak.

Could someone help me remember when EITHER party, R or D, actually CUT SPENDING in the last few decades?

It seems to me like they're on opposite sides of the same trough, munching down the fiat currency slop as fast as they can, while trying to get "their supporters" to think they are acting like the well mannered, benevolent, belle of the ball... all the while screaming "GLUTTON" at the pigs on the other side of the trough... er, I mean aisle.

It seems that with real world accounting... you know, the kind YOU have to use in your home & business... that NEITHER party (as a whole) has ANY interest in actually spending less money.

Political Party based principles of Divide and Conquer... As predictable as the "good cop - bad cop" routine in a movie.

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Feb-01-13 9:29 AM

Neither political party has much to brag about as far as spending is concerned. But as long as the public keeps demanding perks and benefits and freebies, the politicians will keep giving it to them - and the rest of us will keep on being taxed to make it possible. Will we EVER be smart enough to see this change? Not until we first replace our members of Congress with non-professional office seekers, and with so many voters anxious to keep the freebies coming, that time seems pretty far away.

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Feb-01-13 11:23 AM

There's a reason conservative starts with CONS!

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Feb-01-13 5:37 PM

Conservatives need to learn that austerity does not work. Conservatives need to learn that trickle down economics does not work. Conservatives need to learn that starting wars while cutting taxes does not work. Conservatives need to learn that once in a while "yes" is the correct answer.

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Feb-01-13 6:01 PM

Try Vol. 2, "The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek: The Road to Serfdom," Cranky, and learn something of how economies really respond when govts direct them and try to spend their way to prosperity - or simply take a look at what's happened to Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland recently. The US rose to the top economically, and the average American, too, before this unending federal spending and borrowing ever began.

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Feb-03-13 2:51 AM

Yes Mr. Woodruff, we get the idea. Just kidding Soundco! Seriously though, when is the last time a well, I have to call them Republican since they are anything but, conservative, administration made ANY effort to reduce the debt in the last half-century? It hasn't happened because that behavior is not coded into their DNA. Yes, the "tax and spend" crowd sorta won this one but, at least that means it's being payed for to some extent. Remember, the Republicans are the "borrow & spend" crowd which is where the lion's share of that $16.5 trillion debt came from! I will thoroughly enjoy watching any and all efforts by "conservatives" to tell the public that we need more of their debt.

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Feb-03-13 1:21 PM

ColB, the only balanced budgets in recent times were with a Republican Senate and House, and if I remember hearing Obama correctly, those times were ones of great growth in our economy. Prior to that, Reagan would also have had budget surpluses had a Democrat Senate and House not increased social spending even more than the nearly trillion dollars Reagan's policies and tax cuts had brought into the US treasury. And it really is time that DEMOCRATS took responsibility for the housing boom and bust and the global financial crisis that followed collapse of THEIR affordable housing and community development policies instead of just blaming others, Bush included.

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Feb-03-13 3:03 PM

Its not just the government that spends now and pays later. Take a good look in the mirror. That is the norm now in America, spend now pay later...with CREDIT CARDS. How can we demand it of our own government when most(not all)Americans can't do it. You want the government to stop spending with the borrow now pay later? We can start by cutting up our credit cards. If you can't do that then quit your b i t c h i n!!!

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Feb-04-13 5:06 PM

I look in the mirror with a clear conscience having only bought any consumable when I was required to do so to establish a credit rating when I bought my first home. Paid them off in three months and have remained current ever since. Do resent getting screwed via inflation for all the irresponsible consumers and politicians that have followed - good thing I'm not depending on interest now!

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