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Wants gun law changes

February 1, 2013

To the editor: Well I heard on the radio today that there was shootings yesterday at three gun shows....

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Mar-03-13 2:22 PM

Gun laws are like no contact orders. They only work with the law-abiding citizens. Case in point; todays (Sunday) paper. How many spouses have been battered or even killed while there was a no-contact order out there?!

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Feb-19-13 9:05 AM

Brilliant way to put it. But because of the common sense aspect of it, no one in Washington will pay attention.

A person steals guns, (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), shoots and kills his own mother (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), transports these guns loaded (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), brings guns onto school property (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), breaks into the school (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), discharges the weapons within city limits (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), murders 26 people (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), and commits suicide (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW).

And there are people in this country that somehow think passing ANOTHER LAW Banning guns would protect us from someone like this. If you haven't noticed, people like this are not concerned about breaking laws - they only care about fulfilling their own twisted agenda. The only people that a gun ban law would impact are the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, which will only serve to cripple the ability to protect ourselves.


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Feb-18-13 3:27 PM

How about a little substance sometime, Brucee boy, or is invective all you lefties do?

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Feb-18-13 1:53 PM

yo andee did u miss me ?? u had to go find this and comment 10 days later...just to bring me back u OOO so and so...Its almost March buddy get your Kite ready..

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Feb-18-13 1:48 PM

that logic works in Canada, do a litte research outside your little box wherever..

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Feb-09-13 11:26 AM

"Simple," indeed, Brucee! And that is an understated appellation that, I presume, will not get *****'d out.

Meanwhile, what happened to that "civility" for which Obama pleaded in Tucson? Seems not to have penetrated NC Iowa and his acolytes there (not that he has honored it much himself!)

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Feb-08-13 12:53 PM

What if we made a law that would make it a crime to:

Shoot someone with a gun?

Hit someone with a hammer?

Run over someone with a car?

Strangle someone with a piece of rope?

Throw a rock at someone?

And we could make another law that makes it illegal for anyone who is going to do those things to purchase or own or use guns, hammers, cars, ropes or rocks.

That would be cool... 'cause then we could just trust the gub-mint to enforce those simple laws and we'd all be safe. Oh, Yeah!!! ;-)

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Feb-08-13 11:49 AM

Brucee, it is sad that true logic escapes you. Apparently all it does for you is make your fingers type dumb crap on your keyboard. Do some research. Gun control has not been an effective deterant anyway you look at it. Unless God removes that whole freewill thing from us, nut jobs will do nutjob things.

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Feb-08-13 9:05 AM

The definition of a "*******" is go play with your guns somewhere else and leave civil folks to figure the real problems out with simple logice...KISS.

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Feb-07-13 6:02 PM

Things are always "simple" with the illiberal, so-called progressive/liberal bunch: simply pass another federal law or simply impose another federal regulation. Who needs the Bill of Rights or the federal system?

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Feb-07-13 2:53 PM

We need some simple Gun Laws that would at least help - we need for ALL to have background checks, training requirements, waiting periods and limitations on high-capacity magazines.

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Feb-07-13 10:32 AM

After 25 years of decreasing gun violence, (one of which was a mass shooting in a Tasmanian McD's that changed the life of my college roommates daughter), Australia passed a gun-control law and spent $500 million+ buying in and destroying 640,381 firearms. According to an Australian police source, results are in for the first full year thereafter: Australia-wide homicides, UP 6.2%; assaults, UP 9.6%; armed robberies, UP 44%. Who still has their guns and are using them - the criminals?

As I recall, Hitler did this in the '30's, and the always "law and orderly" Germans complied. Sheep to the slaughter, indeed; WWII dead worldwide: some 63 million, 12 million of which were in death camps.

So much for ACTUAL gun control.

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Feb-03-13 12:06 PM


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Feb-02-13 9:44 PM

Bub- I honestly believe that you are completely uneducated when it comes to the previous AW ban and the new current laws up for debate. You study how things worked in the past to determine what will happen in the future. The previous AW ban was not effective, Chicago's "gun free" city is not effective, and it has been shown that criminals are not effected by the laws. So...while I agree with background checks - the rest of the major changes they are proposing will not hinder anyone from committing any kind of crime involving a gun. They will however put more restrictions on those who are responsible. So this Bub is my last post as it is extremely clear you are basing your thoughts purely on opinion and not on fact.

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Feb-02-13 9:09 PM

Whatever...We won't know if new gun legislation will work unless it is tried! You seem to be of a mind that we just have to live with the norm and accept innocent blood as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can't we do better than that? Is that the America you want for your armed to the teeth people where shootouts and massacres become commonplace? Pretty sad, I think!

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Feb-02-13 8:01 PM

Someone asked a question on here about how someone can disagree with something sometimes. I think a lot of them just see who wrote it and disagree without even reading it. Anyway, I do respect Bubud's tenacity on here. Can't say he isn't passionate with his views. I would like to have him or someone else answer how registering a weapon would stop anything. Most of them can be traced through serial numbers anyway. Registering them is only good for one thing and that is confiscation. Assuming the authorities know I have X amount and type of weapon. How exactly will that help. If they are stolen and used, then they can be traced back to me anyway.

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Feb-02-13 6:46 PM

So tell me Bub - did the first AW ban work the first time? I have researched and know the facts but I don't think you do. Also is it working in Chicago where it has been established as a "gun-free" city. You still have not provided me with any facts (well one outdated one)and have yet to back up what the new gun laws will do to help keep things like Newtown from happening. Do some real research and then talk to me about how it will help. And I am not talking about back ground checks.

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Feb-02-13 4:26 PM

Whatever...So, I'll accept your 15%! If 10 million guns were sold in the US in 2012 (probably higher), 1.5 million were done without any background check or stolen, right? That is the figure for one year! That's telling me there's alot of innocent blood to be spilled in the future. Is that acceptable to you or is it just something we as Americans have to tolerate and simply hope our children or family members or friends are lucky enough to survive? When the AR-15's aren't doing the job, is an m-60 in every home next?

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Feb-02-13 3:15 PM

Okay Bub - That 40% comes from a study conducted in 1997(yes I do my research)which is a 15 year study and completely inaccurate. The number is closer to 15%. However that 15% does not clearly divide the number of guns sold without background checks and how many are actually stolen. Try again far your argument does not hold water.

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Feb-02-13 2:40 PM

Whatever...FINE...You're doing exactly what I am asking be done to prevent EASY access to these type of weapons. Thank You...others don't with deadly results! I believe in registration when bought and re-registration to new owner when privately sold to protect the seller from future liability. Forty percent of guns sold in the US are done with no background check. Madness! Is that OK with you? Maybe more funding to law enforcement is needed to provide the necessary tools and personnel needed to fight the criminal elements in this country! Republicans won't like that! Is doing nothing besides armed guards everywhere, as proposed by the NRA, the best we can come up with? Get educated and propose solutions other than "do nothing!"

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Feb-02-13 1:44 PM

Bububud - NO CONCERN? Our guns are locked up in a gun safe for the safety of our children and others children. Now as I have said before the gun laws only restrict those who follow the law not criminals. So tell me how these new laws are going to keep a criminal from obtaining a semi-auto gun to commit a crime? I want a full and clear explanation with stats from places in the U.S. that already have very strict gun laws. If you cannot provide that your uneducated spouting needs to stop!

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Feb-02-13 1:25 PM

hbockoven...Cars weren't designed to kill humans, these killing machines were! Do you have a better name for them? Rules concerning them need to change if you are allowed to continue to purchase and hold! No attempt at change just means more innocent blood. Gun supporters here seem to have no concern. To some, even the responsibility of security of the weapons or the concern most Americans may have is of no interest to them, just leave them alone to do anything they want to do. We are a country of laws, not anarchy!

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Feb-02-13 11:20 AM

In how many of the shootings we have been hearing about did the shooter get a hold of their guns legally. I am betting a very very small percentage. So you can support the new gun laws coming to light and cheer if they succeed. However, in the end, the only people these gun laws will affect are the responsible gun owners. I will also bet my life savings that shootings such as the ones in the recent past will continue to happen. Also if by chance you are present at one of these horrible events - I hope the police are able to get there in less than 3 minutes because that is when most of the injuries and fatalities will happen; supporters of the new gun restrictions believe that only the police and military should carry.

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Feb-02-13 11:18 AM

"these assault type killing machines", by the way, if I remember the statistics from 2011 correctly, were responsible for only about 5% of firearms deaths. They have just been "Demonized". It is a tool. Not good or bad...Just a tool.

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Feb-02-13 11:09 AM

My guns are locked up in a safe, however my point was, that if a crook wants them, they will have them. Safes are not crookproof. Nothing is safe if someone wants them.

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