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King still thinking

February 28, 2013

The leader of the Webster County Republican Party described Wednesday’s announcement by U.S. Rep. Tom Latham as ‘‘kind of a mixed emotion deal....

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Feb-28-13 8:56 AM

How embarrassing it must be for King, knowing that Tom Latham was the Republican Party's first pick.

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Feb-28-13 9:03 AM

Thinking ? ...that's a first

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Feb-28-13 10:17 AM

See what you like, MZ/duke, but your comprehension seems deficient - nothing written there indicates Latham was anyone's "first choice", and the word "thinking" does not appear. On the basis of experience and understanding of our federal system. i.e. state vs. federal responsibilities AND capabilities, how about Branstad? He'd surely win. Ponder that, if you like.

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Feb-28-13 10:19 AM

King is the poster child for "Crooked Politicians"! So why wouldn't he run?

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Feb-28-13 10:24 AM

Anderson you must not have read the headline... "King still thinking"

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Feb-28-13 4:07 PM

Sooo andeee I see you know as much about Iowa Politics as you do everything else - you are so full of breeze - March is almost here O man get the kite ready and dont worry about Iowa Politics - of course you would "like" King I am sure. lol

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Feb-28-13 5:58 PM

Headline writer's word, not King's. But duke's Mz's comments, as those of Brucee, are so typical of the left, right up to Obama's thuggish White House, which has just been caught warning former liberal icons Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) and Lanny Davis (Clinton's White House Counsel) that they would "regret" publishing reports fingering Obama and his White House as the real source of the sequestration gimmick Obama now loudly and incessantly proclaims a Republican idea that will sink the economy. All duly denied, of course; but then the National Journal editor says he, too, was threatened - by none less than Obama's National Economic Council Director, Gene Sperling. This on top of Obama's Re-election-Committee-turned-tax-free Committee-for-Action SELLING quarterly ACCESS to Obama at $500,000 a pop! Lies, threats, intimidation - seems one can take Obama & Co. out of Chicago, but not Chicago out of Obama & Co!

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Feb-28-13 6:20 PM

Now I understand why Anderson gets so many disagrees when he posts here.

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Feb-28-13 6:39 PM

King should run for Senate. He could expand his scope and become an embarrassment to all Iowans instead of just those in the Northwest quadrant.

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Feb-28-13 7:29 PM

King is like a wart that just won't go away. I get a kick out of some of my republican friends that say the only reason they voted for him is because his opponet just moved into the district to run. How soon they forget Latham did the same thing. It's all about power and corruption for these good ole boys.

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Feb-28-13 8:00 PM

Taxed, same for the Dems. they are all crooked. Do not just blame the repubs.

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Feb-28-13 9:33 PM

jamesf, I agree with you, both parties are corrupt, but this article was about the Republican canidates.

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Mar-01-13 8:05 AM

How much more embarrassing for King that the "Anybody but King" faction of the GOP immediately started pushing Kim Reynolds as a senatorial candidate in the wake of Latham's decision not to run.

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Mar-01-13 12:46 PM

Yeah, , duke, and always the same bevy of leftist propagandists without an original idea to contribute among them - hope you have one sometime.

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Mar-01-13 6:11 PM

George...Another GOP fossil that time has passed by....

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