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North Korea seeks to provoke

March 19, 2013

North Korea’s government has declared the 1953 armistice that ended fighting in the Korean War has been canceled. Not to worry, a United Nations spokesman assured reporters the same day....

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Mar-23-13 6:17 PM

Better leaven that Media Matters garbage with Brent Bozzell's Media Research Center work, ColB; it has much broader spectrum to observe for errors, bias and just plain omissions than just Fox Newa, viz. NBC, CBS, and ABC, not to mention the unashamedly-leftist CNN and the simply outrageous MSNBC, both of which have now completely marginalized themselves.

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Mar-23-13 4:29 PM

Ha! Oh the horrors of someone out there making sure the truth is heard! By this point in time, Fox has shown years of misinformation so badly that they have actually earned the right to be called out specifically.

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Mar-23-13 2:58 PM

Yeah, ColB, a real conservative; so how does he describe his watchdog service? Let's see: Media Matters for America, a non-profit organization that describes itself as a "progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media." He has one on for Fox (wrote a book about it), so don't take his fact checking as gospel. Cheers!

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Mar-23-13 4:55 AM

No, I mean the fact-checker founded by conservative hero David Brock who authored the book "The Real Anita Hill" defending Clarence Thomas and exposing "Troopergate" that made Paula Jones sue Bill Clinton. The other networks are awful too but, Fox is simply leads the battle to the bottom. Media Matters is a neutral site that calls out ALL media when they lie or distort the truth and the only people who think they are "liberal" are those who were told so by the neo-conservative media so, there's that. Again, if the truth is labeled as heavily slanted by an entity such as Fox News, I would seriously have to question the information coming from them.

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Mar-22-13 6:35 PM

Media Matters as fact checker? You mean that far-left, progressive organization funded primarily by George Soros' MoveOn dot org, the Tides Foundation and other far-far-leftists, ColB? Also, who can fact check all the reports the drive-by media like NBC, CBS and ABC studiously fail to air; they are legion? Best try another line, ColB.

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Mar-22-13 2:59 PM

Is that why legitimate organizations like Media Matters have to work overtime to correct the misinformation coming out of Fox on a daily basis? lol! Sorry Anderson but, I have to totally disagree with you there. If a person believes Fox is telling them the truth, they have consumed gallons of Fox's Kool Aid!

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Mar-22-13 12:57 PM

Critics of Fox News Channel inevitably (and deliberately) confuse it's commentators (O'Reilly, Hannity et all) with its straight newscasts,(Baier, Smith) that do cover hard news more thoroughly and objectively than NBC, CBS and ABC, not to mention MSNBC, ColB.

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Mar-22-13 2:43 AM

Of course that occurred to me too Anderson but, it's much more reliable than Fox News and I've seen people cite that before so, eh.

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Mar-20-13 9:45 AM

Facebook? A reliable source - no doubt!

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Mar-19-13 9:11 PM

Even China knows North Korea will be toast if they choose poorly. On a side note, I saw a quote by someone on facebook the other day that noted there are only 3 countries on the planet today who do not have Rothchild-controlled central banks. In 2000, that list included Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Sudan. If this is true, maybe we have bigger things to worry about, like who is picking our wars and why?

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Mar-19-13 9:29 AM

Should teach our Naive One(s) that good intentions in international relations and diplomacy are - as VP Garner said of his office - not worth a bucket of warm spit!

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