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FD school board faces $2M shortfall

Staff cuts to balance budget discussed

April 2, 2013

The Fort Dodge Community School District board discussed reductions to meet a $2 million shortfall Monday after approving the 2013-2014 budget....

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Apr-04-13 10:51 PM

no assumption on the van zyl raise. the budget should be focused on the children and their promised education, what kind of an educator / father wld put himself before them? he took his family out of state on the supposedly end of the world date because ppl were threatening violent acts in the schools

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Apr-03-13 1:07 PM

I say keep the head principal at the middle school...from what I hear he is really good at making working conditions so horrible that teachers want to get out of there. This way the district saves money by hiring first year teachers or putting long term subs in positions. I know he managed to push out a really good teacher in the middle of the year last year to set the tone for his intentions...mess up and I will get rid of you. Unfortunately it is the kids who suffer in the long run because they lose the dedication and experience of those that want to leave or had to leave. But hey at least the district saves a bunch of money right?

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Apr-03-13 10:24 AM

i know that money is for property but i am sure it was stated that if they got that money it would cover those things leaving money for the salaries. that was incorrect i guess. just wondering. seems like no matter wht money they have they spend in the wrong areas.

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Apr-03-13 9:47 AM

Another money related question is how much do we still owe on the stadium turf project, that was supposed to only be done with donations.

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Apr-02-13 11:46 PM

Where does it say Van Zyl is getting a raise? Seems to be a assumption. Salary is 27th, school district size is 25th largest, 5 larger school district sups make about a $1000 less, but 6 from smaller districts make at least a$1000more. What other options would you suggest? $2,000,000 was needed. Do you want larger class sizes or to lose programs?

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Apr-02-13 10:58 PM

shaking my head mr van zyl. so you get a raise, but want to cut the people off that have hands on experience with these kids? will you personally change a 13 yr old pants, or tolerate getting punched in the face on a daily basis? will you sit and read books with these kids? you should work a day in a paras shoes, or the librarians, or who ever else you want to eliminate. these kids need normalcy more than you need your raise. u dont get into education for the money, its a passion 2 see children succeed, not pad your pocket.this is y my kids DONT attend fd schools. RESIGN

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Apr-02-13 8:44 PM

Not sure about who has been where and for how long. I do know that ppel dollars cannot be used for expenses such as were cut. That was the discussion when ppel was passed. ppel gets used for buses and technology, not for salaries. Next board meeting is 4/8.

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Apr-02-13 7:12 PM are correct...I counted correctly but mistyped. He is in the top 25-30 in the state...agreed? This is out of approximately 300 schools in Iowa listed. With his superintendent experience only 7 with experience similar to his make more money than he does.

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Apr-02-13 6:11 PM

i thought voting the PPEL into effect was going to keep these cuts from happening. didn't we just spend money on new busses? when is it going to be enough? are our kids getting a proper education if these cuts keep taking effect? what are the other options for these cuts? when is the next school board meeting? i think we as a community need to start going to these. how many of you have gone to these meetings? anyone think it will make a difference?

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Apr-02-13 3:33 PM


This reflects that Dr. Van Zyl's salary is 27th in the state for supts. and not top 15 as was asserted, unless the poster has other information.

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Apr-02-13 1:12 PM

Whatever...Charter Schools operate on the States per student funding like the public schools. No other Tax Dollars. Charge a small tuition so parents have a stake in the process. Likewise must maintain the same standard required of State Schools. Don't mistake them as a private school (St.Eds or Harvest) True, you have some bad Charter Schools as Public Schools. The difference is the States will drop entire funding if in violation of state standards. They have more to lose likewise must maintain higher standards.

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Apr-02-13 12:21 PM

Moved on - you do realize that said charter schools are failing when it comes to preparing their students for college and the working world. Their test scores are low and they are not required to meet the same standards our schools are. Honestly if you want your child to attend a Charter - I suggest Harvest Baptist.

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Apr-02-13 12:05 PM

The time is right for Charter Schools as an option. Working very well throughout the country. Operate on much less funding as traditional Public Schools. The biggest hurdle is fighting the Teacher Associations (Unions) who are not in favor of this concept.

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Apr-02-13 11:57 AM

Instead of looking at cuts from the bottom like teachers and others who actually help students they should start at the top and cut a few positions and/or pay! Mr. Van Zyl is in the top 15 in the state when it comes to pay. Of those other 14 school superintendents, seven have more experience and the other seven were hired after Van Zyl. Of those seven superintendents who make more money and have less experience, they are all working for larger school districts than FD.

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