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Northwest FD residents want business growth

Residents show interest in zoning for businesses

April 4, 2013

Restaurants on Third Avenue Northwest and a truck stop close to U.S....

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Apr-08-13 5:07 PM

Honestly, I don't think the junction of Hwy 169 and Hwy 7 is the prime location for a truck stop and/or fast-food restaurants. The best place for those businesses would be on Hwy 7 by the Industrial Park. There is a ton of truck traffic through the area, not to mention contractors working to build CJ Bio, and the employees of the Industrial Park area that would contribute. Businesses placed at this location would make a fortune. It'd be nice to see an Ampride and maybe a Jimmy John's, or a local café that could be a part of an Ampride station. If only a motivated Entrepreneur were to see the potential, it'd be a great investment!

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Apr-05-13 10:44 PM

How many drinks did it take at Willow Ridge for the big boys to come up with "Iowa's Crossroads of Global Innovation"? The Ag Park made more sense and everybody remembers the name. I guess you need a degree and a lot of drinks to come up with some of these ideas. Probably some of the same ones that want to cause traffic nightmares down town with their crosstown connector idea.

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Apr-05-13 10:33 AM

How about "Crossroads of Delusions and Dreams"?

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Apr-04-13 6:57 PM

Let's face it, unreasonable, militant labor unions were Ft. Dodge's worst enemies, from the railroad brotherhoods to the unions that flattened Horn and Hormel, among others. Now it's AFSCME and IEA that, between them, virtually control the Democrat Party in Iowa along with the Iowa Farm Bureau, which have led to the concentration of such growth as there is mainly to centers of govt activity such as DSM, IA City, Ames and Cedar Falls, its smaller cities to atrophy, and its rural communities virtually to disappear outside the county seats, most of which are themselves barely hanging on. Meanwhile, ColB, Oregon and Washington prosper in no small part due to cheap electricity that the rest of us have heavily subsidized, just as Iowa land owners have also prospered through federal and state ag subsidies, both direct and indirect. Agreed, however that the former AG Park's new monicker is pretentious;weremkore needed, North Iowa AG Park would have been sufficient & less pretentious.

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Apr-04-13 3:48 PM

You know what I would also like to see is a neighborhood center emphasis. Here in Portland, it's no longer all about downtown like so many cities but, there are numerous spots throughout the city that are old centers of activity, often going back to the days of the old trolley cars and today they have been re-connecting them with modern light rail again. These neighborhood centers are places with bars, cafes, movie theaters, grocery stores-all within walking distance for many and accessible by light rail for many more. Why not redo whatever street that is that runs along the west side of the river and encourage a small business strip along there? I could even see some nice new apartment buildings looking over the river there-could be a very nice neighborhood but, I don't like inserting just any business that requires a car to get to-that's getting out of date really.

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Apr-04-13 3:40 PM

There is really no modern office space in Fort Dodge so, that might make it easier to recruit some white collar jobs that the area strongly lacks. If down the road, my example of an office park was humming with people at the intersection of 7 & 169, don't you think that it would be an automatic to add at least a few of the desired shops because there would actually be people in the area earning money and working in the area in higher numbers. I just laugh a sad laugh when I see people only dreaming as big as truck stops and fast food restaurants while also claiming in the last article about this part of town that they also want keep it quiet and not have heavy traffic-lol! FD is desperate so, why not take the chance and think outside the box to make things better instead of wishing for things that will make it even harder to get people to want to move to FD? No one wants to live next to a truck stop & fast food chains are going the way of the dodo so, let's try something n

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Apr-04-13 3:34 PM

Bullet, I know how I sound but, it's nothing more than tough love for my hometown. I've travelled a lot and have seen so many places that do things well and make people want to live there and I simply try and share that with FD. AS for this article, I agree with Bububud in that this is just turning into a wish list for the city to provide when absolutely no one locally has taken the risk of trying to open a local restaurant, truck stop(if that's what they really want), or other variety of shopping. Chain stores are worse for the area than locally-owned stores anyway. Those types of ventures are just feeders too-they need high traffic to survive. I still say getting rid of the auto dump eyesore would be a huge start and maybe replacing the dump with a new small business park. If the city wants to build speculative housing, why don't they build a speculative office building for people to start/grow businesses like small software firms or something of that nature?

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Apr-04-13 3:16 PM

The only business that has a chance in that area is a BAR. Always could use another Bar in FD. As for an area name, how bout "Galactic, interstellar, North American Crossroads"?

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Apr-04-13 10:34 AM

IMO, unless FD for some reason see's a period of phenominal growth (doubling of population), NW FD will stay as it is. Any new commercial business prospects will continue to locate on the east side Crossroads area or in the Iowa Central area. Businesses decide where their best chance of success will be and currently, locating in NW FD would be taking a great risk. If NW residents would like to see more development there, maybe some should step up and take that risk!

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Apr-04-13 9:28 AM

CB, do you nitpick and post negative comments about what seems like everything where you now live? Why not invest your energy and time in being a positive influence for forward progress where you now live and leave those of us who live in Fort Dodge to do the same here. Good grief.

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Apr-04-13 3:23 AM

Why do they call it "Iowa's Crossroads of Global Innovation" instead of just the Crossroads of Global Innovation? If we're just making up names, why don't we just stake claim to being the global crossroads of innovation? I think people can figure it out that it's in Iowa. The rest of this article just seems too dumb to comment on.

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