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First, enforce existing laws

April 23, 2013

Mingo County, W.Va., Sheriff Eugene Crum might be alive today if an existing federal gun control law had worked as it was supposed to....

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Apr-27-13 11:45 AM

Well said about the doctor asking if you own a gun or your views on Obummer. Whatever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality? I guess BHO is going to override that, too. My answer to the doctor? It's none of your d a m n business to either question.

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Apr-23-13 8:58 PM


I could be wrong but I think the President was trying to pass a law that if a person had/has mental problems it would be required by law to register it into a national data base. So when a back ground check was done it would show up. That is my understanding of it.

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Apr-23-13 2:56 PM

also, if somebody really wants a gun, they're not going to say they have been diagnosed w/ a mental illness on the gun application, if they even have a gun license. I don't think the problem is w/ gun laws, I think the problem is that people with mental illness can't afford to see a doctor for the problem, &, or afford to get the medication they need.

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Apr-23-13 2:52 PM

that's very sad this officer was killed, but, I don't think gun laws will keep guns out of the hands of those who suffer from mental illness because when a background check is done when somebody applies for a gun license, they don't check all the doctor's offices to see if those people who apply have been diagnosed w/ a mental illness

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Apr-23-13 1:34 PM

As for this particular OpEd article: One of the many, MANY reasons the grub-mint is not willing to lean on and rely in the systems they've set up is that they all KNOW the systems won't work.

They also know that another level of systems... and another level after that... and another level after that won't work reliably, either.

They're not put in office and paid to fix the problem, but rather to push the evil agenda forward.

I'm continually stunned that people can't see beyond the "R" vs. "D" argument on this (and many other) issues. It's as if, regardless of the topic, the arguments on this and other comment pages ALWAYS dives off into the same, shallow cesspool sooner than later.

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Apr-23-13 1:28 PM

I want to know if any of the shooters / bombers / assasins / terrorists in the last year have used automobiles in their plots... and if so... why automobiles aren't being scrutinized with the same vigor that firearms, ammo, reloading components and now, pressure cookers!!

You have to disarm the citizens if you are going to enforce your will on them.

You have to put the puppets into offices and pull their strings... and preferably get the citizens to VOLUNTEER to become subjects, or better yet, slaves.

No better way to do that, historically, than to press for public disarmament under the banner of "protection."

This strategy is NOTHING new!

This discussion should be framed in history, not emotion and headlines!

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Apr-23-13 1:09 PM

Should have been "their" instead of "there". Figured I better correct that before some flaming liberal bashed me for my oops.

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Apr-23-13 1:07 PM

Hey Bu, maybe unlike you, more people are pulling there head out of Obummers behind and thinking for themselves. Maybe they realize more rules and regs won't stop those intending harm to others. I am getting up a petition to ban pressure cookers lest they are used to make bombs. Any Signers?

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Apr-23-13 12:05 PM

A recent USA Today poll indicated eroding support (49%-45%) among Americans for new gun legislation, down from 55% in early April and 61% in Feb, I'm sure much to the glee of gun supporters. The voice of the majority has once again been blocked through the use of the filibuster. Frustration with no movement on the issue in the Senate has led to apathy among Americans. It's clear, NOTHING will change. Let the killing continue....

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Apr-23-13 8:52 AM

Once again the Myopic Mess prints some obscure incident to make their point that the gun lobby "owns" Orgdon Press. Duh

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