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Forum shows gulf between parties on issues

Lawmakers speak out at Eggs and Issues

April 27, 2013

The divisions between the Democratically controlled state Senate and the Republican-led state House of Representatives on everything from education reform to the health care were spelled out during ......

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Apr-28-13 2:13 AM

Boy this Shaw guy is quite a moron. Sharia law-really? Why are Republicans trying to make the general public as scared & insane as themselves? They seem to always need to be reminded about aspects of our Constitution such as the separation of church & state again. We have basic, civil laws against murder, assault, etc. If someone breaks a law, they are still held accountable and tried. This is just a horrible attempt to create a greater divide between Christians & Muslims and is sickening. We all know no one can just come in here and make up their own laws that would even possibly override current state & federal laws. In other words Mr. Shaw, there is nothing to fear-at all.

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Apr-28-13 8:37 AM

What is going on in that district that they would elect someone as ridiculous as Shaw?

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Apr-28-13 2:16 PM

My god, Shaw! Shut-up!

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Apr-28-13 4:52 PM

Shaw and King are cut out of the same Dumb as a Rock ilk..

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Apr-29-13 5:38 AM

Indignation will not make the problem go away.

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Apr-29-13 10:56 AM

Don't suppose any of you heard of that English leftist wingnut, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who proposed that Sharia law be applied in parallel with English common low in the United Kingdom, or similar proposals not just in Belgium, France and elsewhere in Europe but recently in Oklahoma and Detroit, also? I can see it now: honor killings for some, not for others! Of course those super-tolerant Swedes stopped free immigration when, as its Labor Minister admitted privately, Sweden found that immigrant groups demanded accommodation of their customs and rules rather than adopting the Swedes' when the immigrant group constituted about 15% or more of a plant or a community. Excessive pluralism will convulse all of Western Europe just as it did Yugoslavia and the USSR after the fall of communism. Anyone who has studied cultural anthropology and migration knows that that has been the way of the world from time immemorial.

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Apr-29-13 11:09 AM

It's truly remarkable that some here refuse to acknowledge a problem with hostile elements In the Muslim neighborhoods in this country. Sneering? That's it? Pointing to the constitution as if people who refuse to accept it's authority is the answer to the problem? SHAW is a moron? Wow.

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May-01-13 1:44 PM

Poor Anderson. He misses the red scare so bad that he has to dream up new hidden agendas. It's over, Andy. You can come out of your bomb shelter now. Bring your civil defense helmet with you.

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May-02-13 1:34 PM

If you knew much of anything about world or even US history, Cranky, you understand that examples of different cultures living side-by-side and sharing social and political control within a country are extremely rare and of a most confederal kind, as in the case of Switzerland and Lebanon before the careful balance in the latter was upset by the huge influx of Sunni Palestinians after the 1948 war. Ditto, the former USSR ( now 15 countries), Yugoslavia (now 10), India (now 3); then there is Belgium and the UK where, as among the Scandinavians, separate parliaments exist even for such slightly different linguistic and religious groups are maintained or are being created. But of what matter are such real world events aside your leftist ideology and the irrelevant ad hominem attacks it invariably generates, Cranky?

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May-05-13 11:25 AM

MY irrelevant ad hominem attacks? Now THAT'S a good one! This from the captain of the angry circular argument team!

You're well known for rambling pointless diatribes, leading one to believe you just start talking and walk away. You believe you are bestowing the greatness of your work in Europe 150 years ago, but in reality you're just regaling in your own good old days stories.

Nobody cares, Andy. Your "wisdom" is irrelevant and so bent by contempt and right wing paranoia that it is roundly dismissed by more than me.

If you think Tom Shaw is a genius, you can start your own personal club of one. As for the rest of us, we will continue to wonder how on earth he ever got elected.

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