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We need to understand

May 16, 2013

Investigators continue to uncover more and more disturbing information about the Tsarnaev brothers, accused of setting off bombs at the Boston Marathon....

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May-18-13 3:18 AM

They are exactly the same as Christians. Some are more radical than others and the funniest thing is, followers of both will kill you if you don't agree with their school of love-LOL! It would be nice if the hundreds of gun fatalities per week in this nation got as much investigation money & media hype as one crazed stunt does.

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May-18-13 2:26 PM

ColB: Where in Jesus teaching do you find any parallel to Muhammad's instructions to kill either infidels or apostates? Best read the New Testament and the Koran more carefully, and maybe follow up with some of history re the battles of Poitier and Vienna, all the while remembering that the Christian world has changed immeasurably since both the Crusades and the Inquisition.

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May-18-13 3:42 PM

Colb. It would be nice if the gun related incidents would be publicized more..including the incidents where guns are used to save lives. You must be one of those people who doesn't want a gun but when someone breaks into your home you call someone with a gun. Not me. I have 22 guns in my home and my "GUNS" have never hurt anyone. I guess my guns are well behaved.

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May-19-13 4:20 AM

Hbockoven, it's bigger than that. We as a nation have been killing people(often innocent)in Afghanistan for over a decade AND for some stupid reason, the U.S. military has been caught trying to pass out Bibles to the people of Afghanistan. Those people are simple and can make simple connections and to them the U.S. military appears as nothing more than a Christian army that has also killed around a million Iraqis by some estimates in the last 20 years. Not to mention our own run of the mill ******* freaks who kill abortion doctors. I understand why you feel as you do but, I still feel there has been intentional interference by tentacles of the military industrial complex to maintain enemies and a certain high level of profitable military preparedness to accompany them. If you ranked the real problems facing Americans by statistics, Muslim terrorists couldn't possibly even rank in the top 100 by deaths or damage done.

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May-19-13 4:26 AM

It's just fear hype to keep us in a highly profitable security-state posture indefinitely. You know the way capitalism relies on constant expansion? After the mind-boggling(and shameless) profits that the military industrial complex has experienced in the last decade or two, they simply can no longer afford peace because that would kill the bottom line too much. Gotta keep us scared of our own shadows for the shareholders.

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May-19-13 5:02 PM

"exactly the same as Christians," was your original claim, ColB. The military/industrial complex has nothing to do with that issue; however, since you inject it, modernism is the big issue with the Mullahs and that stems from the relatively benign hegemony of the British Empire and its navy that provided the global stability that facilitated the spread the material benefits of the industrial revolution worldwide. We assumed the Brit's role post WWII when our efforts to return to isolationism from 1920-1941 proved so tragic for the whole world, including us. After America, who - the UN, or someone else? China? The Caliphate?

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May-19-13 5:07 PM

I hear ya. My take is, Bible, Koran, both are great selling books of fiction written by men. I just think people need to take the good from both and treat people with unconditional love & respect regardless of what junk respective religions are filling their heads with. Christianity & Islam are more similar than they are different and both have hoards of lost souls who think they are right and all others are wrong. As adults, we need to remember what is real and what is proper behavior in the real world instead of acting on instilled fears.

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May-19-13 7:40 PM

Colonel, well said.

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May-21-13 1:51 PM

It was the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament, not the Bible, vs. those of Muhammad in the Koran, ColB. If you BELIEVE in any history text, read the New Testament AS history; then check it against Keller's "The Bible as History" and the McDowells' "More Than a Carpenter" (esp Chapts 6 & 7: "Are the Bible Records Reliable" & "Who Would Die for a Lie") and you will find that the lives of Christ and the Apostles in the New Testament are probably the most thoroughly documented events ever recorded. The elder McDowell wrote the first version of his book following research that lead him "from skepticism to belief." Beyond the written material, however, working and traveling in both Christendom and the Middle East has SHOWN me not only that Christianity and Islam are not comparable but that the socio-political systems they have generated are not really compatible anywhere. Neither the Bible not the Koran are just "fiction;

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May-21-13 7:29 PM

Not entirely fiction no but, the parts people like to point to in the Bible are most often the opinions of men who added them to the Bible at some point and should be justly questioned. I think Mt. St. Helens and testing of atomic weaponry may be the most documented events in history but, that's just me living in reality again. I am a harsh critic of Christianity because I see far too many Christians talking the talk but, honestly almost never walking the walk. At least more Muslims actually adhere to the words of their religion than Christians but, there again, some of those words are bad advice. Being Christian to me isn't something you're a card-carrying member of like most churches believe today. It's a way of life and how you choose to make life better for EVERYONE and that is simply something the Christian right wants nothing to do with anymore.

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May-21-13 11:04 PM

Single events are hardly comparable to the whole lives and teachings of individuals with respect to historical documentation, ColB. My EXPERIENCE does not bear out your views re the lesser extent of hypocrisy among Muslims than among Christians, ColB, but when faith gives you license to do almost anything to preserve and advance it, the term "hypocracy" may apply to very little behavior.

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May-29-13 6:55 PM

How can you understand a religion that has the desire to eradicate any faith other than theirs. How can you understand a religion that mutilates a young girls genitalia just so she won't enjoy sex? How can you understand a religion that allows girls under 12 to be married to men in their 40's or older? Tell me how.

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