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Grin will come with planned fundraising community party

September 14, 2008
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Sometimes my head gets so full of stuff I wish I had an overload button.

Then all I'd have to do is take a deep breath, think of the most important thing, punch the button and everything that doesn't need to be in my head will dissipate, like fog on a warm summer morning.

Oh, I'll have figured out a way to collect all the errant information, you understand. I don't throw anything away.

When I got into work on Wednesday morning, there was an small manilla envelope with a picture of a smiling Wilbur Woock in it. He lives at Kenyon Place and wrote, "This picture was taken by a relative of my wife - Joyce Lase, who lives in Bancroft, Neb. She entered this picture of me in the county fair, and it won first prize."

No wonder he's grinning in the picture.

I've got a grin like that waiting to happen, but mine will take a bit longer getting here - after Oct. 25 when we've made enough money at our big community party to buy a thermal imaging camera for the Vincent Volunteer Fire Department.

When I worked in Wisconsin, I did a story on thermal imaging helmets owned by virtually every fire department, from small volunteer departments to the paid city departments. The camera helmets were amazing.

Because all the departments seemed to own at least one helmet cam, I thought every department owned such a thing. Well after I moved home, I was talking with Gary Miller, fire chief at Vincent, and asked if I could see the camera.

He looked at me like I had two heads.

The department doesn't have one, and if they did, Gary said a hand-held camera would be best, anyway. Which is good, because that's cheaper.

I can't get this out of my mind. They've not needed a camera so far, thank God, but the day will come. And since Vincent covers such a huge area - basically, the whole northeast quadrant of Webster County - they should have a camera. They need a camera.

Anyway, a bunch of us are working together to have a benefit barn dance - without the dance, though - at the Vincent Community Hall on Oct. 25. We're just now working on the details, but I wanted to call the date. I want you to save that date and come to Vincent to be part of the fun.

It will be a big community party, and the only money you'll need is whatever you feel you can donate to the cause. Hot dogs, popcorn, soda, sweets - that's all free. Nobody charges their friends to come to a party.

But, what friends do at the party is a different thing. We're hoping our friends open their pocketbooks and donate. If everybody does a little, nobody will have to do a lot.

I'll keep you posted. You keep the date open.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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