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Fortune cookie says memorable dream will come true

March 8, 2009
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Well, there you have it. My most memorable dream will come true.

My fortune cookie told me so. To be exact, it said, "Your most memorable dream will come true." I knew I'd heard it somewhere.

That memorable dream, you might remember, would be the dream alerting me to the fact there was something I wanted and all I had to do was ask for it. Only, it didn't tell me what to ask for.

And now this fortune cookie is pushing the fact that it will happen, and I'm still left with the problem of not knowing what to ask for.

I should ask for the innate ability to know when what I've been told isn't the whole story. That would be useful.

For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I talked with a man named John Winger, who was telling me about the city's water tower problems. I was in Pocahontas doing a story for the progress edition. He was in Pocahontas eating with his young son and talking like an old friend to the folks running the Pizza Ranch.

I heard him talk about the water tower, so asked all the nosy reporter questions and figured I'd have a good bit of info for my story on that city. I did. It was a good piece of information. Only he was on the city council in Plover, and the information for the water tower was about Plover.

It honestly didn't dawn on me to ask if he was talking about any town but Pocahontas since we'd talked about my story on Poky before he talked about the water tower.

Anyway, for all of you who know I goofed, I'm sorry I goofed. Well, I'm sorry to everyone, but especially to the folks in Pocahontas and Plover.

So, you see, it would be a good idea to ask for the ability to know everything when I'm asking for what I want. And I'd do that, but what if there's something else I've always wanted, but can't remember at this exact minute and I'd be losing out forever by asking to know everything for my stories.

Besides, if I knew everything beforehand, all I'd ever get to do is write and I'd never meet the people. Meeting the people makes writing the stories worthwhile.

People like Betty Nielsen, of Varina, who's become known as the quilt lady for the nation. A novice quilter, she decided to make and send quilts to five people who lost a loved one in the terrorist attacks in New York, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania countryside. The quilts would be a representative "I'm sorry" from the heart of America.

With lots of help from lots of people, especially a core group of about a dozen women, in about 8 1/2 years she has spearheaded the making of about 6,500 quilts, which are now going to families of military people lost at war.

She has made one incredible quilt she's using for a raffle quilt. Any time anyone sends in a donation, she puts the name in a jar and later this year will draw a name and give the quilt to that person. It's not just a one-donation-one-ticket thing, either. If someone sends in $100, they'll get four tickets. It's a wonderful way to raise money for the cause.

Maybe I could go selfish and dream about winning that quilt.

Now, that's something to think about.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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