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Believers can find wonderful, unexpected parts of life

June 7, 2009
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

If allowed to travel to any spot in the world, I would choose Scotland. Just the thought of Scotland makes me happy.

Until early last week, I'd never met anyone from there and I don't know much about the country other than it draws me. But now I know Catherine Dolly, introduced to me by Terry Trenary, of Rockwell City.

Well, I don't really know Terry, other than she called to say Catherine might be an interesting story. And she was right. Catherine is a spiritual reader.

I've said before that I'm a believer, so talking to Catherine was a double delight, her being Scottish and speaking with such a brogue I sometimes didn't understand and being a spiritual reader too.

She feels the life energy of strangers, and a bit like me, she tells what she knows.

Catherine, 40, has been in America for 17 years, mostly living in Florida. She did move to Fort Dodge with her fiance, now an ex, for a while, but went back to the Sunshine State when things didn't work out. She came back to Dodge in April of this year, and here's the funny-odd part.

She said she was drawn to Fort Dodge just as I'm drawn to Scotland. She said the countryside is much like the Glasgow area in Scotland, and the old buildings downtown are much like those in Glasgow - although certainly not as old. She likes the people, too.

Catherine wasn't aware of her abilities until about four years ago, but when she opened her mind to the possibilities, she was able to read people and their needs.

"Like a magnet, my energy is drawn," she said. "I hear, see, feel, smell and speak. It's my energy and a feeling I get. I feel an empathy for the person who has passed and the person I'm reading."

She gets messages for people on this side from those on the other side.

Granted, many people pooh-pooh this idea, but that doesn't mean they're right. It depends on what you believe. Since I believe, she had no problem bringing my mom to see me.

Mom asked questions, like why I stayed up so late. She said it wasn't a good idea to write notes on so many small pieces of paper and that I needed to get organized. A little like the pot and black kettle thing there.

A few more thoughts came through that seemed like Mom, then suddenly Catherine says "Long John Silvers. You ate there." That was Mom's favorite place to eat when we took her out. A bit later, Catherine's feet begin to dance around, though she was sitting, and her shoulders waved back and forth. Her right index finger drew figure eights in the air and she starts to sing about "my girl Lollipop," finishing with the name Shirley Temple.

Now that's spooky - Shirley Temple was Mom's all-time favorite person in the world, and "On the Good Ship Lollipop" was the trademark song for child actress Shirley Temple.

There were so many other things that were dead-on. It's hard not to believe when all the little pieces fall together so easily. And I'll see Catherine again. Probably many agains even if there are no readings. This is one of those times when I meet somebody I'd like to be friends with that I'm not going to allow to slip away for lack of trying.

When someone who makes you happy comes into your life, for whatever reason, keeping that friendship going is an important job.

So long friends, until the next time ... .

Oh, forgot to tell you -I'll be gone through Aug. 3 or 4 or whatever that first week in August is. Another bout of medical leave, this time to get rid of that annoying tumor. I've done some stories and columns ahead, so you won't be missing me completely, I hope.

Now it's so long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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