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Sun safety should be a priority for everyone

FD dermatologist explains the risks and offers safety tips

June 7, 2009
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The sun releases many kinds of radiation, but the type of radiation which is most significant to health on earth is ultraviolet radiation. There are two main types of ultraviolet radiation which reach the earth: ultraviolet B (UVB) and ultraviolet A (UVA). Both UVB and UVA have significant effects on human skin. The most important effect of ultraviolet radiation is that it damages the chromosomes in the cells of the epidermis, eventually leading to unattractive brown spots, rough precancerous lesions, and, ultimately, skin cancer if the exposure is high enough. It should be stressed that these effects are cumulative, i.e., every time you are exposed to ultraviolet light you get further damage to your skin. You cannot suddenly stop your sun exposure and expect all the damage to disappear and the cancer-causing effects of ultraviolet radiation are the result of many years of exposure.



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