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No matter where it’s from, Santa Cops needs help

November 29, 2009
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Hey, folks, Santa Cops still needs help - money to make children's hopes of a wonderful Christmas come true.

Santa Cops, if you don't know, is a program run through the Fort Dodge Police Association but including the Webster County Sheriff's Department, the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility, the Iowa State Patrol, the Sheriff's Department Reserves and the Police Department Reserves.

That's a lot of involvement, a lot of time spent one-on-one with children from the county.

Each child chosen for the the program gets $100 to spend on himself or to buy gifts for family. That's his choice. Names are offered by school counselors, who know when a family needs a helping hand. If a chosen child has brothers and sisters within the kindergarten to sixth-grade limits, those children also get to play with the Santa Cops either Dec. 8 or 9 at Target.

What may be the best outcome of this wonderful program of giving is simply the idea that all these children get to spend a few hours with an officer in uniform and all they're doing is having a lot of fun.

So, get involved. Send donations to Santa Cops, Fort Dodge Police Association, 702 First Ave. S., Fort Dodge, IA 50501.

You never know when getting involved in a program like this will make your life a little brighter, but you can guess what it will do for a youngster who needs a helping hand.

This is one of the programs where actual money is needed, not just a trip through items purchased with no one particular in mind. I've got a bunch of those things hidden away in a big plastic tub in my attic room. It's fun to open the tub and decide where everything will go and when.

Usually the tub is replenished during vacations, but this year there was no vacation so I'm almost afraid to look. Maybe there's nothing there. What a blow that will be.

My attic room really is our extra bedroom and my computer room. Sometimes stuff jumps off the table just inside the door and bites me when I walk past late at night without the lights on. I move around a lot at night with the lights off - and this may sound morose to you - to practice being blind. I'm pretty good at it, unless I've left a chair sitting away from the table or shoes on the floor in the living room.

Not every extra room turns into an attic room, but mine has. I have no attic. The basement already is full. There's got to be some place to put stuff, so I put it on a 6-foot table in the room. I'm blaming Betty and Archie Peterson for that table. Essentially, for the mess as well.

One Sunday after church maybe seven years ago, my husband and I ran into them at Menards. I don't know how they beat us out there, but as we're walking in, they're checking out with their own 6-foot table. It looked good to me, and I promised my husband I'd do all my sewing for quilting on my new table.

It didn't take long for the extra stuff in my life to overcome my good intentions, though, but now if he says anything about it, I just blame Betty and Archie.

I'm going in that room today, and if I actually locate money in my tub, it will go right to Santa Cops. If not, Walt always leaves his wallet out when he goes to bed.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

Contact Sandy Mickelson at (515) 573-2141 or



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