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Rita Fleener says test would be in order, so get ready

January 24, 2010
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

OK kids, get ready. There's going to be a test.

Hey, don't blame me. Rita Fleener thought of it just after I blessed her sneeze last Sunday morning after church when we both sat eating breakfast at Burger King. I love the cheesy tots, but, just like the chili I loved, the tots are no longer offered.

But, I digress.

First test question: How many times have I said that? - "But, I digress."

Plenty, I'm thinking. It's how I pull myself back on track when my train of thought makes a jump.

So, Rita sneezed, and my mouth automatically called out "Bless you."

That's all it took to get a conversation going, starting with that crazy fog enfolding the city. I mentioned the fog seemed a little less dense after church, which took us to her visiting a different church because there were so many cars around Trinity Methodist, she couldn't find good walking so they could attend church there.

Which reminded me of Terri Amman - I think that's how you spell it. She was the wife of Trinity's minister a while back and was a Reiki master. Or was becoming a Reiki master. I had several sessions with her and always felt 300 times better.

Rita, it seems, took two Reiki lessons from Terri, and now uses the healing method on her dogs, keeping one of them moving well despite a bad leg.

Second question: Do I talk much about alternative medicine and self-help methods? You bet your bippy I do. Heaven knows I see my doctor when I feel the need - my file there is so thick, he wheels it into the exam room on a cart -but I know that other practices help, too. Reiki is one of those practices.

Which brings up the third question: Am I a believer?

You better say yes to that. I believe in God, in his love and willingness to guide us through any problem. And I believe that guide is the operative word. It's like your favorite teacher, who gave you the knowledge you needed but let you absorb it at what you thought was your own pace.

I believe in possibilities and in positive thinking. I'm positive about the possibilities.

Like the possibility of finding great treasure in my basement once I start looking through the boxes piled down there. Some of those boxes are older than my daughter (fourth question: What's her name and where does she live?) so they must be filled with treasure or why would I still have them?

Fifth question: What, really, is procrastination and can it be overcome?

We'll get back to that.

I'm certain once I start digging around downstairs, I'll find some glorious object I once loved, then forgot all about because it was packed away in a box to make one of our moves. Of course, what I thought was glorious back then might be an old fat-bottomed wine bottle with colored candle drippings down the sides.

Perhaps I'll find my book on procrastination. I bought that book so I could write a column on putting things off. Never read the book, and now I'm not even sure where it is.

So, let's not talk about procrastination now.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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