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Red makes happy valentines and Chinese New Year

February 14, 2010
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Today is a double whammy of special.

Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. Sweet and savory. Red and red.

OK, so the difference between red and red barely is visible, but there's a lot of red going around and not all of it matches.

Red, doncha know, is considered the most emotionally intense color. Maybe that's why bullfighters use silk capes. Red supposedly stimulates the heart to faster beating and breathing. I know I'd breathe faster with a big, old black bull chasing me around.

I've had dreams of that. It's always an Angus bull with long but curvy sharp horns. That repeating dream has morphed into me being in a car that's not in full control, and most times I'm at the wheel. No wonder my heart beats faster. But, I digress.

Red is an extreme color - look at red cars, red lipstick, red shoes. Red also is the color of love and it's the color of money packets the Chinese give to children on Chinese New Year. Hmmm, a bright red rose or money, money or a rose. What to choose? What to choose?

Some people like to say this year of the tiger gets its start on Valentine's Day, but I don't know why that's significant. Well, I can guess; I just can't know for sure. It's the idea of a double holiday that I like, even if one isn't a holiday in the United States and one is a day when people who don't get flowers feel badly because they don't get flowers.

If they'd move Valentine's Day to some time in early summer, at least we'd get a small bouquet of dandelions - or at least have the opportunity of that small butter bouquet.

Since I started buying my own bouquet of little lilies, it bothers me not that I don't get flowers to surprise me and show me how much I'm lov... . Oh, forget it. I can't ride that horse forever.

A while back, I took some kind of color test, which said I was a red personality. How it ever got that thought, I don't know since to me a red personality means someone always wanting to be the big dog, always wanting to be in control. That's not me. I like to know what's going on, but I don't want to be making it go on.

Maybe I was mad and aggressive when I took that color test. I've been known to run on the testy end of reality, but not enough to be considered a red person. So, I took another color test - which some might call silly - and I was pleased to find that I am no longer a red personality. Now I am a blue violet person.

Blue violet. That's a nice color. Enough of red so I don't roll over and play dead but a lot of blue, too, which is calming. My little test results read, in part, "Blue people are calm, but can also spiral into sadness. With so much emotion, tears of happiness, sadness, anger or frustration are quite common."

Well, that's nasty.

Maybe I best forget the color stuff and just be happy with a Valentine's Day card and the hope for a Chinese dinner. I do so love those crab rangoons.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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