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Lions, lambs, April showers — it’s about liking stuff

April 4, 2010
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Old wives and their tales may be myth, but one of those old wives once talked about March weather, proclaiming "in like a lion, out like a lamb" and, conversely, "in like a lamb, out like a lion."

That's not how it happened this year.

No surprise, though, since the weather pulled all sorts of unexpected and sometimes frightening adversities during winter months. Still, when the thermometer in my van reached 69 degrees on March 31, something seemed odd. And, even if windy, the day in no way went out like that mythical weather lion.

The only way to explain things is we had winter, now we have summer, and now the twain have met. Makes me wonder if we'll run into spring sometime in the middle of May when flowers are in bloom, thanks to April showers.

Man, I've got to get all that stuff out of my mind. Myths. Kiddie rhymes. It keeps coming back. Maybe I'm reverting to childhood. That could be happening. And if that's so, I'm going to keep going until my husband lets me nap all the time and I don't have to make the bed or clean up after myself.

That would be good living for a while, at least. I'd like that, but I like a lot of things, including the Vincent Volunteer Fire Department. I can't say enough good stuff about them.

There's other volunteer fire departments that should be praised these days. That's the Pomeroy department, led by fire chief Dan Rosa, and the Manson department that gave Pomeroy mutual aid.

You all know how a volunteer fire department works. People who live in town join the department. They go to meetings, get instruction on fighting fires, raise money for their departments and drop everything at the call of a dispatcher looking for fire fighters.

That happened March 9 when Bob Schossow's craft shop in Pomeroy exploded and burned. Just two of the department members were in Pomeroy when the call came in; others had to get back to town from wherever, dress in their safety garb and get to the fire. And they did it in maybe 10 minutes, to find a propane tank flaring.

"When we got there, it was our main objective to cool down the propane tank," Rosa said. "Propane is heavier than water, so it goes to the ground and looks for an ignition source."

That done, they rounded up Schossow and John Hudgens, the neighbor who rolled Schossow to safety, and sent them to Pocahontas Community Hospital. It was too foggy that night to fly Schossow to the burn center at the University of Iowa, so he was transported by car, but he was out of it anyway and didn't feel a thing.

I just want to say here and now how proud I am of those men from Pomeroy and Manson - and there may have been women, I don't know - who took care of the fire and prevented that propane tank from exploding, which, Rosa said, could easily have wiped out half a city block. Still, the tank was full, so maybe the whole block. I don't even know those people, but I think they're tops.

Maybe I should write a poem for them: "If you're ever in a fire, be in Pomeroy."

Well, I can see that needs work.

So long friends, till the next time when we're together.

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