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Whether rides or reunions, family togetherness counts

September 19, 2010
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

My sister went on a vacation and she took an asp.

Odd as that is, that's what she said.

Of course, three of us - she and me and Mary Almond - were in the car at the time driving south from Minneapolis and had played the alphabet game three times and were ready for any other kind of diversion. Cindy said she'd played this vacation game before, so we agreed.

Had I known how much memory was involved, I might have declined, but I made it through. In fact, I made it through in good style, and I'm still stylin'.

Asp, barbecue grill, caterpillar, Dixie cup, elephant, fox, gecko, harmonica, ivy, Jell-O, kilt (a good-looking man in a kilt walked past me not long before that and the memory lingered), Lindsay, money, nightgown, Omni, pineapple, quail, radio, Sandy (I'm glad to go anywhere), tom-tom, underwear, violin, widget, xylophone, Yam-aha, zebra.

That vacation took about 75 miles. Short, but fun.

Maybe the most fun was being with family. Sure, Mary's not technically family, but she and Cindy are close as sisters, and she gets me just because.

On the Saturday before Labor Day, a bunch of folks from the area got together, too, and not just because. They got together for a long-overdue family reunion. It had been 18 years since the Lehman clan reunited.

Of the 175 people attending, 115 were direct descendants of Friedrich and Wilhelmina Lehmann, who immigrated to Humboldt County and northern Webster County in 1870, give or take, after they were married in the Saxony region of Germany.

Notice Friedrich's last name has two Ns in Lehman, but the young guns have sloughed off the second N for a streamlined name. That happened a lot, I think.

For this reunion, Diane Lehman, of Badger, compiled family genealogy and made a book for all families.

Louanna Lehman, of Vincent, - and you know I love anything to do with Vincent - said they were just dumbfounded when people kept appearing at Zion Lutheran Church in Humboldt.

Friedrich Lehmann was one of the founders of that church, so it seemed right to reunite there.

Not only that, Zander Brensel, the 2-month-old son of Kim and Justin Brensel, of Vincent, and grandson of Louanna and Don Lehmann, was baptized that day by the baby's uncle, the Rev. Matt Lehman, of Byron, Minn.

There was so much going on, it's a wonder people saw half of it. A family choir performed, and Taylor Decker, granddaughter of Wayne and Diane Lehman, played the piano during the meal. Background music is great, but I surely hope the girl got to eat.

People came home from five states to be part of this reunion. I wonder if they played the vacation game along the way.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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