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Webster County 4-Hers hold 2010 awards banquet

Youth, volunteers honored Sunday night

November 29, 2010
Messenger News

The annual Webster County 4-H Leaders Recognition and Awards Banquet drew more than 300 people Sunday night to the Best Western Starlite Village as 14 area 4-H clubs and hundreds of 4-H members and supporters were presented with awards for their dedication and service to the youth club.

The banquet is sponsored each year by the Webster County 4-H Foundation and the Webster County Extension Service.

In addition to reconginzing all the volunteers that make the 4-H programs possible, club organizers of the 14 area clubs introduced the 4-H leaders for the past year and presented awards to members of their respective clubs for Junior, Intermediate and Senior Achievement and Outstanding Club Officers.

"We're recognizing our volunteers for the year and the 4-H youth that have finished up the year," said Youth Organizer Linda Cline. "It's just a nice way to be thanked for all the work they do. It's just one small reward for being a leader."

17-year-old Alec Bush, who's been a member of Gowrie Groundbreakers 4-H club since he was in fourth grade, came out to see both his friends and who was honored with awards.

"That's just my favorite part, meeting new people," he said.

Bush was given an officer award as president during the presentation.

After numerous awards to the clubs, and a few skits on the part of the 4-H youth, the final event of the evening was the installation of two adults as Honorary 4-H members by the County Council. Two special people honored for their dedication and support to the Webster County 4-H program were Dave and Audra Fisher of Lehigh. Dave has served as club leader for the Dayton Tigers, and chaperone. Audra is the office manager of the Webster County Extension Office and has been a Clover Kid Leader and Poultry Project Leader.

Award results

Badger Builders: Junior Achievement Awards Dartangan Dohrn, Alexa Hungate. Intermediate Achievement Awards Elizabeth McMahon and Treasurer Award. Senior Achievement Awards Clint Dencklau, Ica McMahon and Photographer Award, Darien Walsh and Recreation Leader Award. Officer Awards Aubrey Walsh, Reporter Award.

Callender Chargers: Junior Achievement Awards Logan Boerner. Senior Achievement Awards Dalton Boerner.

Country Charmers: Intermediate Achievement Awards Alexis Hanson, Libbie Lowry, Rebecca Nellis, Katelyn Pliner, Zoe Schneider. Senior Achievement Awards Cheyenne Jones, Paige Schneider.

C/C Sidekicks: Junior Achievement Awards Caryn Dawson and Recreation Leader Award, Adam Ladlie and Recreation Leader Award, Peter Lyon. Intermediate Achievement Awards Brianna Anderson, Ethan Farr, Alexandria Lyon and Treasurer Award. Senior Achievement Awards Heather Ladlie and President Award, Jacob Ladlie, Mica Redenius and Secretary Award, Charles Shelton. Officer Awards Isaac Poldervaart, Vice President Award, Jerry Rogers, Photographer Award

Dayton Tigers: Junior Achievement Awards Emma Graves, Taylor McKimmey, Jayden Muench, Owen Oeltjenbruns. Intermediate Achievement Awards Abby Anderlik, Jossie Ferrari, Trey Kahl-Long. Senior Achievement Awards Torrie Ferrari and Vice President Award, Kelly Oeltjenbruns, Tracy Oeltjenbruns, Caitlin Pace. Officer Awards Kierra Eldridge, Reporter Award, Tyler McKimmey, Recreation Leader Award.

Douglas Dreamers: Junior Achievement Awards Ashton Acree, Carrie Anderson, Brooklin Border, Angelina DiMarco Williamson, Luke Lewandowski and Recreation Ldr. Award, Danae Pingel and Photographer Award, Sydnee Waggoner and Historian Award. Intermediate Achievement Awards Kelsey Albrecht and Secretary Award, Jacob Lewandowski and Recreation Leader Award, Dan Mallinger, Breanna Pingel & Photographer Award, Maric Salocker & Historian Award. Senior Achievement Awards Danielle Border and Vice President Award, Amy Edge and Treasurer Award, Emily Garst, Emily Mallinger and President Award. Officer Awards Miranda Engeldinger, Historian Award, Brett Lewandowski, Recreation Leader Award.

Elkhorn Eagles: Junior Achievement Awards Jaden Cline, Anna Heatherington and Photographer Award, Dakota Jaeschke and Recreation Leader Award, Cameron Pliner. Officer Awards Nicholas Montgomery, Treasurer Award, Taylor Montgomery, Vice President, Jake Porter, President Award.

Elkhorn Earlybirds: Junior Achievement Awards Tatum Friesth, Rachel Rethwisch. Intermediate Achievement Awards Savannah Benson, Kaitlyn Clark, Katie Walrod. Senior Achievement Awards Teah Kastendieck, Allison Lansman, Jenny Randleman, Sarah Rethwisch, Bailey Walrod.

Fort Dodge Falcons: Junior Achievement Awards Cole Davis. Senior Achievement Awards Jeff Fosbender and President Award, Zoe Hildreth, Ann McLoughlin, Andrew Steinkamp.

Gowrie Groundbreakers: Junior Achievement Awards Joshua Carlson and Recreation Leader Award, Maddy Christensen, Daniel Johnson, Dylan Johnson and Recreation Leader Award, Joshua Johnson, Miranda Keith, Hannah Peterson, Erica Rittgers and Historian and Photographer Awards, Matthew Ross, Kendall Sandgren and Historian and Photographer Awards, Megan Seil, Ramona Thompson. Intermediate Achievement Awards Maria Towne. Senior Achievement Awards Hannah Carlson and Vice President, Trevor Kalahar. Officer Awards Alec Bush, President, Jensen Sandgren, Secretary Award.

Johnson Jaguars: Junior Achievement Awards Kylie Bergren, Kourtney Condon, Alex Copper, Ashlee Grady, TJ Nelson, Drew Samuelson, Emma Stuhrenberg and Historian Award, Nathan Walsh, Sara Wedemeyer, Cassidy Wolff, Cory Wolff and Photographer Award. Intermediate Achievement Awards Bailey Florey, Emily Johnson, Mackenzie Nelson, Kelsey West. Senior Achievement Awards Samantha Condon, Lane Florey, Alyssa Lentsch & President Award, Hank Lentsch, Hannah Lentsch and Secretary Award, Nichole Licht, Megan Stein and Vice President Award, Grant West.

Lost Grove Leaders: Senior Achievement Awards Shelby Barkley, Grace Kiefer and President Award.

Nifty Newark: Junior Achievement Awards Ravyn Armstead, Mallory Hammitt and Reporter Award. Intermediate Achievement Awards Derek Hammitt and Recreation Leader Award, Stephanie Martin and Vice President Award. Senior Achievement Awards Aaron Martin. Officer Awards Madison Bodholdt, Historian Award.

Washington Winners: Junior Achievement Awards Evan Anderson, Madison Anderson and Reporter Award, Kyle Baird, Alex Dischler, Eliza Geis, Collin Harris and Historian Award, Leslie Housken, Thomas Lennon, Olivia Mitchell, Ashley Nieland, Daven Rees, Austin Stewart, Devin Summers. Intermediate Achievement Awards Samantha Dischler and Vice President Award, Amanda Propst. Senior Achievement Awards Joseph Lennon and Treasurer Award, Matthew Mitchell, Nolan Mitchell. Officer Awards Colton Hogan, Historian Award, Patrick Hogan, Photographer Award, Jayna Mickelson, President Award.

4-H award of clover pins and certificates were presented for volunteers serving five, 10, 15 and 20 years as a 4-H volunteer. Five years of service to the 4-H program receive the silver clover pin: Deb Albers, leader of the Johnson Jaguars; Katie Dodson, leader of the Dayton Tigers and poultry superintendent; Jim and Kim Engstrom, leaders of the Lost Grove Go-Getters; Laurie Kalahar, leader of the Gowrie Groundbreakers; Randy Kalahar, horse project director and horse superintendent; Kim Peterson, Youth Committee member; Deb Rockow, leader of the Douglas Dreamers; Nic Schelle, Youth Committee member, chaperone, and Tech Team Leader.

Receiving a gold pin for 10 years of service: David Anderson, Archery instructor and Kim Stuhrenberg, leader of the Johnson Jaguars.

Other years of service: Tim McGuire, sheep superintendent, receiving diamond pin for 20 years of service; Vern Bauer, Gowrie Groundbreakers leader and beef superintendent receiving emerald pin for 25 years of service; Bruce Long, former beef superintendent and current leader with the poultry and rabbit projects, receiving ruby pin for 30 years of service.

Retiring volunteers were recognized for their service to the 4-H program. Retiring are: Deb Albers, Johnson Jaguars leader; Jim Engstrom, Lost Grove Go-Getters leader; Kim Engstrom, Lost Grove Go-Getters leader; Marj Johnson, Country Charmers leader; Tina Kastendieck, Elkhorn Earlybirds leader; Scott Licht, Youth Committee member; Miles McCubbin, leader of the Callender Chargers; Dawn Mickelson, Washington Winners leader; Rachel Peterson, Country Charmers leader.

County project awards were presented to the 4-H members by Extension staff members and the County Youth and 4-H Committee members. 4-H'ers had to submit their record keeping materials in order to be considered for these awards. Citizenship, communication, and leadership were considered when selections were made.

Kelsey Albrecht, Citizenship, Fashion Revue; Danielle Border, Home Improvement; Torrie Ferrari, Bread, Clothing, Long Time Record Book; Emily Garst, Food & Nutrition; Allison Lansman, Clothing, Food & Nutrition, Public Speaking; Joseph Lennon, Rabbit; Nichole Licht, Horse; Libbie Lowry, Communications; Emily Mallinger, Horse; Aaron Martin, Long Time Record Book; Nolan Mitchell, Communications, Long Time Record book; Rebecca Nellis, Citizenship, Clothing, Communications, Food & Nutrition, Public Speaking, Visual Art; Mackenzie Nelson, Fashion Revue; Caitlin Pace, Long Time Record Book; Mica Redenius, Long Time Record Book; Sarah Rethwisch, Clothing, Communications, Long Time Record Book, Photography; Andrew Steinkamp, Long Time Record Book; Grant West, Aerospace, Long Time Record Book, Woodworking; Kelsey West, Aerospace.

Chicago Award Trip Participants: Danielle Border, Jeff Fosbender, Alyssa Lentsch, Emily Mallinger, Andrew Steinkamp

Achievement Awards: Danielle Border, Emily Mallinger

The Outstanding Consumer Sciences award is given annually to a Senior 4-Her and is based on consideration of the entire career of the member, including presentations at meetings, fair exhibits and citizenship activities. The 2010 award was presented to Danielle Border of Fort Dodge.

The 4-H Spirit Award. An award was given to nine 4-H'ers for their extra work and dedication to the 4-H program. This award, called the "4-H Spirit" Award, was given at the Junior level to Dartangan Dohrn, Badger Builders, Olivia Mitchell, Washington Winners, and Danae Pingel, Douglas Dreamers; at the Intermediate level to Ethan Farr of the C/C Sidekicks; Derek Hammitt, Nifty Newark, Emily Johnson, Johnson Jaguars. Senior Level to Jessica Johnson, Douglas Dreamers, Grace Kiefer, Lost Grove Leaders; and Brett Lewandowski, Douglas Dreamers.

The 4-H Alumni Awards were presented to Stacy Miller of Harcourt, Mike Peterson of Callender and Roger Jameson of Gowrie. Miller has been involved as a leader and superintendent of the Swine Project, Peterson has volunteered with the rabbit and poultry projects, while Jameson, was a leader of the Gowrie Groundbreakers & was active with the horse project as a leader and superintendent.

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