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Rumblin’ at the roller rink

Scrimmage raises funds for shooting victims’ families

December 5, 2010
By HANS MADSEN, Messenger staff writer

DAKOTA CITY - As members of the Dakota City Demolition Crew Roller Derby team scrimmaged with members of the Mid-Iowa Rollers from Des Moines Saturday night at the Roller County Roller Rink, many of them, in spite of plenty of protective gear, were picking up some bruises, welts, red patches of skin and some sore spots that will hurt for days.

All for a good cause.

The event raises money for the families of Sheila Meyers and Vicky Bowman-Hall, the two convenience store clerks who were killed in robberies in Humboldt and Algona on Nov. 15.

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Dakota City Demolition Crew

It also raises a few eyebrows and for family members watching the show - everything from dismay to wonder.

Corbin Wilcox, of Humboldt, was watching her daughter, Samantha "Pinky" Frock, skate with the hometown Dakota City Demolition Crew.

"She's out of her mind," Wilcox said, "When she breaks a leg, she'll quit."

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-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
Samantha “Pinky” Frock, right, gives her daughter, Nevaeh, a hug as husband Billy watches at left, during a short break in the action Saturday night at a Roller Derby benefit bout in Dakota City. Frock is a member of the Dakota City Demolition Crew team.

Frock sees it a bit differently.

"I'll throw my skates over the cast," she joked.

Frock's husband, Billy, was on hand to watch with the couple's daughter, Nevaeh.

Her spouse was much more enthusiastic.

"I think it's awesome," he said.

Frock said that he has offered her much encouragement, purchased her gear and otherwise been a great support system.

In addition to the fun, exercise and friendship, participation has offered Frock another benefit.

"I went from a size 18 to a 12," she said proudly.

Gary Millang, of Humboldt, was watching his daughter, Megan "Tank" Millang, also with the Dakota City team.

She didn't sugarcoat it for her father when she let her know she's joined the team.

"Dad," she told him, "I"m going to roller derby."

His reaction: "I was just excited." He's not worried about injuries, at least not yet. Maybe if she turns professional.

Millang would like to see roller derby gain popularity in the area.

"I really hope this takes off," he said.

Dawn Kirkpatrick, of Dakota City, was watching her daughter, Stephanie "Gun Boats" Miller, on the floor. She knew little about her daughter's new-found interest.

"I had to look it up on the Internet," she said.

Her daughter has her full support.

"I've never seen her that excited to do anything," she said.

Jessica "Siren" Webb, one of the organizers, she was happy with the event and grateful that several teams had driven for hours to attend.

She's pretty sure people will like it,

"It's going to catch on like wildfire," she said.

She said that the sport provides a social outlet for the participants, cardio exercise and a safe outlet for aggression.

"You bleed together, you cry together and you win together," she said.

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