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‘Know Your 5’ heart health event is Feb. 19

It’s an opportunity to learn the lifesaving numbers everyone should know

February 6, 2011
Messenger News

Trinity Regional Medical Center's fourth annual community heart health educational event will be held at Trinity on Feb. 19. This year the event is open to both adult men and women. The event will focus on five important lifesaving numbers that everyone should know in order to reduce their risk of developing heart disease and other chronic diseases. Knowing these five lifesaving numbers is a recent push by Dr. Oz from the popular "Dr. Oz" television show. According to Dr. Oz these five lifesaving numbers are critical to know and to work toward obtaining normal ranges for these five screening tests in order to help prevent heart disease and other chronic disease.

The five lifesaving numbers to know are:

Blood pressure,

Waist size,


Cholesterol levels and

Blood sugar.

Why should you know these five numbers and work to obtain normal ranges?

Blood pressure:

According to a study conducted by the federal government the number of Americans who have high blood pressure has increased dramatically in the past decade with almost one-third of adults now suffering from the life-threatening condition. High blood pressure can lead to a wide range of serious health problems including the nation's biggest killers - heart attacks and strokes.

Waist size

According to WebMD it turns out that your waistline measurement may tell you more about your overall health than any other statistic. Why? All fat is not created equal. And fat around the middle may be the worst fat of all. If your waist size is equal to or more than 35 inches in women and equal to or more than 40 inches in men, it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic problems, high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol.


Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and can help you prevent and control many diseases and conditions according to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Being overweight increases the risk of developing serious health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems and certain cancers. Maintaining a healthy weight helps put you at a lower risk for developing these problems and also helps you to feel good about yourself, and gives you more energy to enjoy life.

Cholesterol levels:

Cholesterol is a normal chemical substance made by the body and present in food made from animal products, meat eggs and butter. Many areas of the body depend on cholesterol for their proper function. If the body makes too much cholesterol, or too much is eaten, it can build up in places where it is harmful. One place where a buildup of cholesterol causes trouble is in the walls of blood vessels. Too much cholesterol in the walls of a blood vessel can make the vessel brittle or can block the flow of blood.

Blood sugar (glucose level):

Testing your fasting blood sugar measures your risk for diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that can lead to blindness, cardiac disease, kidney failure, nerve problems and an impaired immune system.

As part of the event, the screening tests listed above will be offered to attendees. The cholesterol blood draw will be offered to all participants at a special event rate of $15. For the cholesterol test participants will need to be fasting, nothing to eat or drink except water, for 10 hours until blood is drawn. The rest of the screenings will be offered to participants free of charge. At each screening booth, educational information will be available as well as a chance for attendees to win various door prizes. A light healthy breakfast will be served for participants after screenings are complete.

After the screening tests are completed, participants will have the opportunity to listen to speakers on what the screening results mean, what the numbers of each screen should be for good health, and will learn ways to reduce numbers if screening results fall out of the normal range. The speakers will be a nurse from Trinity's Cardiac Rehab Center and dietitians from Trinity's Diabetes Center.

Registration to attend the "Know Your 5" event is required. Register at or call 574-6335. Trinity Regional Medical Center is dedicated to improving the health of our community. Helping you to "Know Your 5" is a great way to help you be on the road to a healthier, longer life.

Teresa Newman BA, RN, is manager Trinity Regional Medical Center's Healthy Living Department and Diabetes Center.



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