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Eagle alumni doing good things for being so young

March 6, 2011
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

People generally go standing out in their fields as they age. That's how you know they're getting older.

Well, one of the guys I graduated from high school with - Ken Brauman - is outstanding in his field, and because of that, has been named the men's team manager of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. That's the Olympics. The best of the best.

My only question is whyever they picked anyone so young? If he's my age, he's certainly too young to be old enough to be standing out in his field. Hmm, maybe he's not too young; maybe nobody told me it's time to be out there.

But, getting back to Ken - he was part of three state championship track teams in Eagle Grove and was a three-time state champion in the long jump. He was the best long jumper in the state in 1964 and 1965. That's what another classmate, J. Bradley Hanson, told me, and he got the information directly out of his scrapbook.

Ken's built an impressive coaching record in Florida high schools, with 31 district championships, 20 regional championships, 20 conference championships, 354 total wins in 38 years of coaching and guiding 57 athletes to high school All-American standings. That's not in Brad's scrapbook, I'll bet.

That's a lot of good for one man, but he's gone further by passing along his love of the sport to his son, Lance, who coaches Olym-pian Tyson Gay and who coached Veronica Campbell to two Olympic Gold medals in the 200 meters.

Ken and his wife Marybeth live in Deltona, Fla., and are the parents of three children and grandparents of eight.

Personally, I think he's too young for eight grandchildren. It is exciting, however, to know that someone you have a connection with has made such a name for himself. I didn't spend much time with Ken during high school - OK, any, I didn't spend any time with him - but that doesn't stop me from being proud of him.

Another Eagle Grove alum, Ann Stauffer Haugland, is planning to produce a cookbook with recipes from school alumni. She'll have it at the Summerfest celebration and all-school reunion in June and will give part of the proceeds to the Eagle Grove Memorial Library in honor of everyone who ever taught or attended school in the city.

Anyone who wants to send up to six recipes may send them to Ann, who happens to be the younger sister of David Stauffer, another of my classmates. See, the good stuff continues to roll.

Still, Eagle Grove alums can send recipes to her at 1312 S.E. Linn St., Boone, IA 50036 or by e-mail to The recipes must be to her by March 25, which gives you about three weeks. Plenty of time.

Make sure all ingredients are listed and directions are complete. If you tweaked the recipe, make sure you tell her how you tweaked it. And include a phone number so if she has questions, she can contact you.

Then, in June you can buy a cookbook so when the Olympics roll around a year later, you can use those recipes to make snacks for when you watch the track and field contests. You likely won't get to see Ken on television, though, because he'll be tucked away somewhere on the warmup track getting athletes to their venues.

But you can eat snacks and watch the Olympics. And when you're doing that, you can remember what good things are happening to Eagle Grove alumni.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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