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Car dealers ask for paper bid proposals from Web. Co.

Sheriff took verbal bids for vehicles

March 9, 2011
By LINDSEY MUTCHLER Messenger staff writer

The Webster County Board of Supervisors directed the Sheriff's Department to rebid proposals for squad cars during its Tuesday meeting.

Representatives from Fort Dodge Ford and Shimkat Motor Co. addressed the board about the proposals.

Casey Johnson of Fort Dodge Ford said his company spoke with the Webster County Sheriff's Department in January and February of this year providing them with estimates for the department to include in the budget process.

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Supervisors meeting

However, afterward, Johnson said they never received a formal bid proposal from the department.

"We never received a request to submit a bid or the exact specifications for a bid," Johnson told the supervisors.

He added if the department is looking to buy cars they should do so locally, and he questioned the bid process.

Sheriff Brian Mickelson said the cars would be purchased at Shimkat and Kemna, not out of town. However, he didn't explicitly state what the bids were he received or the type of cars the department was looking to buy. He said the department discussed a trade-in on a Chevrolet and perhaps waiting a year to buy a new Ford Caprice.

Mickelson said he called and ask for the specs, which he does every year.

"Do we have a formal bid process?" Supervisor Chairman Keith Dencklau asked.

"We have variations of it," replied Sheilah Lizer, Webster County Planning and Zoning administrator.

Scott Johnston, with Shimkat Motor Co., said all dealers need to be on the same playing field with a bid. He added that mistakes can happen on the phone, for example, if a dealer forgets to ask a question.

He said bids must be on paper with all the specs to ensure all parties on bidding on the same platform.

Supervisor Bob Singer recommended the Sheriff's Department send out a specific bid request to all dealers.

Mickelson said that wouldn't be a problem.

In other business, the board approved another change order to the Law Enforcement Center project at a total of $86,556 for flooring and stair coverings.

Two previous change orders approved by the board were for $11,000 for plumbing fixtures, and another $11,198 for installing new bathroom fixtures.

A budget of $2.9 million is in place for Jensen Builders, of Fort Dodge, to renovate the basement, first and second floors of the building. Money from an I-JOBS grant and a portion of local option sales tax funding is being used to finance the project.

The board also placed on file the Webster County Planning and Zoning Commission's report and set April 5 at 10 a.m. for a public hearing on first consideration to amended zoning ordinances regarding transitional agriculture and sign schedules.

In other business the board unanimously approved:

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