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Hopes for an Arab Spring persist in Bahrain

March 27, 2011
Messenger News

Six years after the United States declared victory in Iraq, as locals were electing a transitional, democratic government, there was the belief that America's military excursion in the Arabian Gulf would usher in an "Arab Spring" - a period where copycat democratic movements would arise and democracy would flourish in the region. Well, predictably, spring is late and not quite as glamorous as we were expecting. Following impassioned uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, powder-keg revolutions that ignited the passions of young, disen- franchised Arabs across North Africa and the Arabian Gulf, we've heard criticism from citizens at the way the transition has been handled by the military in Egypt. Tunisia has been mostly ignored and Libya, largely outcast on the international stage, has rightfully borne the brunt of reprisals by the global community including the implementation of a "No-Fly Zone."



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