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Laurens writer gets contest wins

Has two honorable mention stories

September 3, 2011
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer , Messenger News

LAURENS - Some writers can write for years without winning any kind of contest.

That's something Eric Price, of Laurens, doesn't have to worry about.

Two of his science fiction stories recently were named honorable mention winners in the CrossTIME Short Science Fiction Contest and will be part of the CrossTIME Science Fiction Anthology, Vol. X, available is in mid-to late September.

Price, 31, and his family recently moved to Laurens from Florissant, Mo. For his wife, Allison, it was coming home. Her parents are Lynn and Richard Lund, of Laurens.

In Missouri, he was a pharmacy technician, working at Christian Hospital for more than 14 years.

"But, I'd helped her father out on the farm," Price said. "I helped the occasional farmer as a kid, but that's pretty much my farming experience."

Now he works with Richard Lund on the farm. And, getting the two grandchildren close to Grandpa and Grandma means a lot, though, and coming home seemed the right decision for the young couple.

Although Price prefers writing science fiction, he has written other stuff. It's the sci-fi, however, that has won awards - the two from this year and a honorable mention in the same contest a few years ago.

"All of my published fiction has been sci-fi, so that seems to be where I've had the most success," Price said.

And what's nice, he said, some of his sci-fi stories can be read to his youngsters at bedtime. "Interstellar Snot-Blowing Com- petition," one of his winning entries, is such a story.

"It's aimed at young readers," he said. "The other one, 'Second Contact,' is more for older readers."

He wrote "Interstellar Snot-Blowing" for Spaceports and Spidersilk.

"The editor was looking for gross stories," he said. "Although she said she was getting tired of stories about snow, she liked my story well enough to publish it anyway."

"Second Contact," exclusive to CrossTIME, was inspired by the clarity of Iowa's night sky.

The CrossTIME anthologies feature science fiction, fantasy and urban fantasy stories of less then 7,500 words.

There were entries from around the world in this year's contest.

Price said he's always written a little bit, but didn't become serious about it until after getting married in 2004.

"It was something I always wanted to do," he said. "Maybe it was the emotional support."

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