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Don’t despair if you’re not crafty

There are fast, easy ways to decorate with pumpkins

October 30, 2011
By KATHLEEN KOCH, Messenger staff writer , Messenger News

Pumpkins are very popular this time of year - they are the fall scene.

If you haven't carved your pumpkin, you really don't have to. You can still make them a centerpiece without the mess or you can get a little creative with a tad of mess. All you need is some fall foliage, candy, tinsel, and maybe some flowers.

The first way to dress up your pumpkin is just finding things around the house and yard. Falling leaves, dried-up berry bushes, pine cones - all are things you can use to make a festive pumpkin. Also you can go to the local stores in your area that would have art and hobby supplies. After you get all the different fall foliage that you want it's as simple as either gluing objects onto the pumpkin to make a design or creating a centerpiece around the pumpkin with the items.

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-Messenger photo by Kathleen Koch
Dress up a pumpkin with some glue on fall foliage and a stuffed scarecrow with a smile.

A second way to jazz up the pumpkins without carving is just placing them out on the table, on a pedestal, propped in a bowl with some fall-colored tinsel decor. Take a variety of candy and strew it around the pumpkins, and it's a centerpiece with treats to eat.

The third way of decorating your pumpkins is a little more creative and just a tad bit a mess - nothing that can't be cleaned up in less than two minutes. Alice Schmidt, department floral manager of Hobby Lobby, provided this great idea of a pumpkin centerpiece.

"The pumpkin is very moist inside and what is not better than making a flower arrangement in a hollowed-out pumpkin?" said Schmidt.

All you need is a pumpkin - the size you pick is the amount of mess that you would have to clean up - a floral foam and flowers. Take the pumpkin and cut the top off and scoop all the insides out, cleaning the cavity of the pumpkin. Cut the floral foam to fit inside the pumpkin. Then take the flowers and cut them to size and stick them in the floral foam in the pumpkin, arranging them as a floral presentation.

When finished arranging flowers, take a cup or two of water, depending on the size of the pumpkin. Pour the water in the pumpkin to soak up in the floral foam and you have a beautiful centerpiece.

These are just a few ways of decorating up a pumpkin with no fuss, but you can just simply display a pumpkin in its bare orange skin. Natural beauty can always make a statement.

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