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A reality show worth watching

February 25, 2012
Messenger News

Hour after hour, Liberty and Justice take turns protecting their only possessions. The couple lost one offspring last year, and seem determined not to let it happen again.

Hundreds of thousands worldwide are watching this reality show web-streamed live from an oak tree 85 feet above Alcoa's Davenport Works. On Tuesday, the eagle pair welcomed their second egg, visible briefly as one bird departs and the other tidies up the nest, rolls the eggs to a more comfortable spot, then assumes the nesting position.

We think it's the best show of the new year.

Eagles help define our community. Viewed from the ground, these soaring birds impress and connect with many Quad-Citians on an environmental and even spiritual level.

In the nest, things get personal. These parents can fiddle with a nesting twig for hours, pecking and scratching out minor adjustments for maximum comfort.

Some viewers watch for hours awaiting a moment of interaction.

The show is so riveting, Alcoa actually is limiting employees' access during work hours. Constant viewing from Alcoa workplaces around the world was slowing down the company's computing servers.

Sorry, but we can't stop looking. This show affirms bald eagles as neighbors in our community, not just seasonal fly-bys. Their presence attests to our healthier river, a rich reward for years of incremental improvements.

There will be no fights, messy divorces, shouted-out ultimatums in this reality show. No one will get fired. There won't be a Kardashian anywhere near this nest.

Instead, viewers see a young couple working together, dutifully committed to just one thing.

Stay tuned. St. Patrick's Day is their due date. That's when the show will really get busy.

- Quad-City Times, Feb. 15



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