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Lauds Fort Dodge

March 26, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Let's let the world know what a great place, and exciting place, Fort Dodge is to live. We need to let people everywhere know that our town is on the move offering great new opportunities for current residents, and those who are to come. Speak positively about our town and it's future, because the future is bright.

Never have I seen such a resurgence like the one we are experiencing now. We may disagree. We may have different ideas for how to get to a better place, but the unvarnished truth is we are moving forward, improving, growing and life in Fort Dodge is exciting. People have been making a difference.

Our new fire chief, police chief, library director, city clerk, just to name a few of the new and wonderful people who are impacting our city in a positive way. And that is the short list of a long list of positive people making Fort Dodge better. Many citizens volunteer time to help with city projects and service clubs. They make important contributions everyday. They are people just like you. It is people that saved our Nestle Purina plant, made us an All American City, built an aquatic center, a new middle school, raised money for worthwhile projects to save lives, fed the hungry, shelter the homeless and organized the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. Educators in our private schools, public schools and college, have improved our delivery of education to many. The promise of the new ag park development that is unfolding west of town right now has us standing on the edges of a future that none of us can truly grasp, but has us full of great expectations and standing in a warm sunlight of hope, faith, and opportunity. It is for all of us.

Share with your neighbors, your friends and people new to Fort Dodge, what an amazing town we live in. Look around you and recognize the monumental change in a community that all started with people who believed. Now, spread the word and invite more people to come share our community.

Iowa's newest and greatest city is about to blossom. Our spring is here.

Bob Wood

Fort Dodge



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