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Weighs in on assorted issues

March 29, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

I remember when I was young, long ago, there was this Townsend Club, named after a member of Congress from California. This man created a following by his ability to make people think he was going to do something for them for nothing. We are having that today, and it would not work then, and it will not work today. Mona Charen topped anything she has ever done before, with (the March 20) paper. Let's look at states that have been controlled by overzealous unions, that make demands that cause the politicians to have indebted the government to the point of bankruptcy. When you sell your vote for a promise that cannot be paid for what do you receive, but the bill.

Several states are throwing the book at the unions and other power blocks, that are the source of the problem. Since politicians promise the world, and cannot deliver anything, why would any, except fools, believe anything they have to say. When any politician, including Obama, promises anything, get the pitch fork, to pitch out of the bull manure. When you get something for nothing, someone had to pay the price.

When that ... woman went on TV, claiming the government should pay for her birth control pills, what is her lifestyle, you play a game, you pay a price, right? Some things in life make sense, others are just ridiculous, and a free ride through life, is one of the later. When some stupid politician tells you that you deserve that which you want, he or she needs to be hung on the public square, they are liars. I have been told for a year that I am not very smart, I knew that, but I am not alone. Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, is facing a real battle trying to save that state from the fools. Chris Christie must have a ball bat, they are not telling him to do it their way. The federal government is drowning in debt, because politicians have made promises that can never be kept. This administration has been the worst. ... Something has to be changed now. With 15 trillion plus, who pays the bill. This nation is bankrupt, now. The Democrats are fighting Branstad, he is the savior of Iowa, follow him forward.

Glenn L. Smith




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