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‘Vote for freedom’

March 31, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

We all have heard someone say we don't talk politics. Why? They can't approve of what their party is doing but put their heads in the sand.

Then let us talk issues. Every time I hear mandate and regulations I cringe because another freedom disappears. I do not want to pay for someone's birth control pills and abortions. That is a choice women make sometimes wrongly, but why should I as a retired grandmother on a limited income have to pay more for my insurance because some women want it free.

I did not hear women wanting it free until it was in the new health care bill. Get out of our bedrooms and give women back their dignity. This contraception issue is not only an insult to women, but also an assault on religious institutions. It is also against the Constitution.

It seems to me that atheists and gays have more rights and power than Christians and Jews. We give them rights so why do they interfere with ours. Timothy Dwight explained that to destroy us, our enemies must destroy our Sabbath and seduce us from the house of God. If our religion were gone, our state of society would perish with it and nothing would be left which would be worth defending.

I believe in protecting women's rights, but not when it trumps the unborn's rights and on our rights not to pay for contraceptives for someone else.

I do not believe that women should fight on the front lines in wars. Also what about the government bailing out companies that take risks on our tax money? I would like to take chances if I knew the government would bail me out if I failed. I do not like the price of gas, it affects our lives by taking grocery money, dropping vacation plans, which destroys our economy. These are few issues which I think you should think about when picking a candidate to vote for not the party, but someone that will keep our constitutional rights and our freedom that many have fought and given their lives for. I want my freedom, not mandates and regulations. Vote for freedom.

Pauline Ball

Fort Dodge



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