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Opposes dollar coin

April 10, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

We should all be concerned that some members of Congress are pushing for S. 2049, which would replace the dollar bill with a dollar coin. What troubles me most about this bill is that I cannot believe Congress would be spending time and attention on something so frivolous. It is ridiculous that our government is debating whether a dollar should be in the form of a bill or a coin, especially during these troubled times and the state of our economy. It would cost a considerable amount of money to implement this change. Do Americans really want to throw away our hard-earned taxpayer money on a unpopular dollar coin?

As a small business owner in Iowa, I know Congress is not certainly not representing my best interests with this wasteful legislation. The proponents of S. 2049 are not considering the practicality of this mandate. Congress is not going to defray the costs for small businesses to retrofit or replace machinery to accommodate the new dollar coin. Furthermore, dollar coins are often mistaken for other change, which means small retailers will also lose revenue. There are many important issues facing Americans right not, and they are far more urgent than currency changes and debating the merits of coins vs. paper.

S. 2049 should be opposed for being impractical, frivolous, and frankly, ridiculous. Congressional time and taxpayer money should both be used for far more important endeavors.

Linda Dencklau




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