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Anybody but Romney?

April 26, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Anybody but Romney? Are you sure? At age 19, Mitt Romney delayed education to voluntarily serve a two-year mission in a foreign land. While there, he had a near-fatal accident. You and I might have returned home, but not Romney; he persevered to completion.

While earning a bachelor's, an MBA and a law degree, Mitt spent nine years as an unpaid intern for his father's gubernatorial campaigns. You and I might have used a successful father's career to launch our own, but not Romney. Instead, he founded Bain Capital. You and I might have been less willing to take such risks, but not Romney. He leveraged his education and capital and it paid off. Concurrently, he led his local church congregation - counseling the membership in matters such as marriage, loss of loved ones, loss of employment etc. You and I might have grumbled at an additional 25 to 30 hours per week of work, but not Romney. He willingly served.

While Mitt was CEO of Bain Capital, the daughter of an employee went missing in NYC. Anybody but Romney might have simply called contacts in New York and wished the father luck. Instead, he closed Bain and took all employees to New York to assist in a successful search. You and I might have sought praise for this act, but not Romney. You and I might have gladly accepted a family inheritance for personal gain, but not Romney. He gave his entire inheritance to his alma mater. Leave it his tax returns to prove his generosity, because you won't hear it from him.

When the failing 2002 U.S. Olympic Committee needed help, they turned to the man who had spent his life helping individuals and companies elevate themselves. He served three years without pay. He would later serve four years as governor of Massachusetts, never taking a salary. You and I might have used these positions for personal gain, but not Romney. With 28 years of unpaid service to his state, country and God, Romney is a proven "public servant."

Given the opportunity, you and I might run for president for ego or prestige, but not Romney. His motive is to lead our nation back to greatness, restore pride in the American heart, and reinvigorate the American dream. Believe that Romney can do what anybody but Romney cannot.

Chris Thompson

Webster City



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