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Experiencing Mother’s Day as a first-time mom

Or, in Lindsey Mutchler’s words, the awesomeness of raising another human being

May 13, 2012
By LINDSEY MUTCHLER, Messenger correspondent , Messenger News

Motherhood started for me the first time I felt my baby move inside the womb.

It actually happened around Mother's Day in 2011.

A bizarre fluttering feeling eventually gave way to kicks and visible waves on my ever-growing belly.

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-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
Lindsey Mutchler, of Eagle Grove, spends a little quality time with her daughter Sophia Zola. The pair, along with dad Bryan Mutchler, are celebrating their first Mother’s Day this year.

Now, motherhood is filled with occasional sleep deprivation; conversations that include no words, only syllables; sporadic flare-ups of frustration; but above all, a deep love for my daughter Sophia Zola.

She is perfect, as any parent will tell you about their child when he or she is born.

But, she is an amazingly perfect mix of her dad and me.

As a mother, it's incredible to think of myself as the origin. I grew our daughter inside of my body. It's literally awe inspiring.

Now that she is here, time has flown by remarkably fast. In less than a week our baby girl will be 8 months old.

Sophia has developed from a 7.43 pound infant needing to constantly eat, sleep and be held close (Her favorite spot to sleep was on our chests where could feel and hear our heart beat; the one constant sound she grew accustomed in my womb.) to a small child who can sit up on her own, hold her bottle, crawl across the house and sleep 10 to 12 hours a night in her crib.

It is a privilege to experience this part of life, the early development of a child.

I can't help but wonder, what type of person will she become? Will her long fingers serve her well as a pianist or bass player or perhaps a sculptor? Will her love of the outdoors translate into a love of science leading to a career as a botanist or zoologist?

Soon she will be walking and talking. I'm excited to share those milestones with her and be by her side when she needs a little bit of help.

The best part of being a mother, for me, is assisting her in discovering the world.

There is so much to see and do and learn, and I want her to be introduced to it all.

I've already played the 'Want to see pictures of my baby?' card to everyone I know that I haven't seen in awhile. As a stay-at-home mom, a lot of my conversation topics revolve around Sophia and baby-related issues.

I never thought motherhood would be like that.

I thought I'd be the cool mom that would answer questions about her child when asked, but still be able to have conversations that wouldn't digress to stories about my great child.

But I never knew the love I would have for Sophia either. It's unconditional, overwhelming and unique.

On this Mother's Day my husband and I will celebrate with our mothers by cooking them a nice meal and enjoying time together.

For me, being a mother is wonderfully chaotic, and I'm looking forward to spending this Mother's Day, and many more to come, with our little miracle.

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