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‘Make your voice heard’

May 14, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

There is much at stake on Tuesday night in regards to our city's direction. Do we continue towards a bright future that encourages economic growth which will result in new jobs, increased tax revenues, and a better quality of life for all of us, or do we retreat backwards to partisan fighting and political grandstanding that will result in more of the same status quo of the not so distant past.

Please refer to Don Woodruff's letter to the editor on May 11 to see some of what we will lose if our City Council rejects the crosstown connector plan.

Also realize we will lose much more than just the $2.2 million in outside funding money. Our credibility with businesses and government agencies will also be severely damaged. This issue is about so much more than just a street. It is about honoring our word, it's about following through on a good plan, and it's about the future direction of Fort Dodge. We have too much going for us right now to have some City Council members' use this issue to make a point in a political agenda. Our city engineering department has studies that show it will take in excess of 175 years to complete the existing list of street and infrastructure repairs using our current tax revenue projections. Let's do the things we need to do to increase our future tax revenues so we can get our streets fixed faster.

Join the silent majority that wants to move Fort Dodge forward and come to the Iowa Central BioScience and Health Sciences Center on Tuesday at 5 p.m.. to make your voice heard.

Lisa Wilson

Fort Dodge



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