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Connect with all constituents

May 15, 2012
Messenger News

Elections have consequences. To the victor go the spoils.

We've all heard the platitudes. The fact is, during their term of office, elected officials have wide latitude in their decision-making power.

Unfortunately, this can lead to knee-jerk decisions by short-sighted politicians who only see as far as the next election. Rather than serving the interests of all, these partisans give unrealistic weight to the opinions of their favored faction- or their financial supporters.

In the grander scheme, this mentality can result in the loss of positive development that could provide benefits long after these officials have left office.

In the shorter term, such a course of action may mean broken commitments into which organizations have entered in good faith. Credibility, once lost, is most difficult to re-establish. Backing out of such arrangements sets a precedent that would influence future dealings.

Like a seed planted in the ground, the mechanisms of economic development may take time to bear fruit. Should we neglect such planting, or, worse, abandon our sowing mid-field because reaching harvest time will take longer than a term of office?

Some officials seem to think so.

Though the tools be in place, these officials would prefer to walk away, offering, at best, implausible solutions and half-hearted compromise.

Meanwhile, their constituents will be left only with the weeds of neglect, as opportunities go elsewhere.

The Messenger urges all officials to commit themselves to the principles of transparency, honor and foresight - tonight, tomorrow and always. We remind them that, once elected, they are bound by duty to represent all of their constituents, not merely the ones with whom they agree.



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