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Weighs in on Sunkissed closing

May 21, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

I was not surprised to read Sunkissed Meadows was closed. Of course no one goes there. Grass in the fairways is unmowed and when or if you make the green, you just pick up the ball and add two strokes. It's hard to putt when the green is half dirt and half sod.

I remember former years when I played every other day there with Iris Anderson and Dorothy Huseman. It was crowded with seniors, women and children who were taking their first golf lessons. The only "handicap" we faced were the geese. I still don't know how they survived. When a city doesn't allow money in the budget to keep the Par 3 in good shape, what can you expect?

Yes ... I take it personally. I have given much to this community in the years I spent teaching, on the library board, as a Soil Conservation Service district commissioner, serving in leadership roles at First Methodist Church, Webster County Retired Teachers, AAUW and many others. I wish others who have enjoyed the Par 3 in the past would also write The Messenger.

No, I don't feel I can play on the municipal courses. I like to walk; I play slowly and irritate the good, fast players; I don't have a cart anymore; I'm not even an average player at my age (the 80s).

I dread the future. Am I such a burden to this community? When the day comes you decide to close the municipal library, I plan to move out of Fort Dodge to Florida and live with my daughter. At least in Florida seniors are appreciated and respected.

Sindy Stiles

Fort Dodge



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