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‘History repeats itself’

May 29, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

David Satterlee's recent opinion "FDR's message still applies" gushingly extols FDR's socialist agenda, and by admitted inclusion Mr. Obama's same philosophy.

FDR was our most tyrannical president. He took control of industry, jobs, money, taxation, trade, prices, inventories, etc. and even the people - from the cradle to the grave. Yes, I guess this does remind me of Mr. Obama and all the other despots that crave power and control.

If FDR was so bad, how did he get elected four times and who voted for him?

Government agencies and jobs exploded under FDR, but every government job or project must first take the money it spends out of the economy because the government has no money of its own - it must either tax it away from the free market (us) or print it (causing higher prices which is a hidden tax called inflation). Now as then, the people working these government jobs don't mind because they're benefiting from the theft of other people's money. The welfare crowd doesn't mind either because they are getting free handouts while politicians can point to all the happy little beneficiaries and tell us how our government "cares." Currently, one-sixth of the workers in America work for the government in some capacity, one fifth of all Americans are on food stamps and one half of all Americans pay zero income tax. I bet I can guess who's going to vote for Obama in 2012; the same people that voted for FDR in '36, '40 and '44.

FDR railed against "the enemies of peace," but government craves war. War gives the government an excuse to tax and take away liberty in the name of safety and security. Look how much the TSA has trampled our right to travel or be secure in our persons here at home and we now have 900 military bases in 140 other countries and rumors of another war are rampant. Who benefits from all this war besides the state? Government contractors and other businesses in bed with our politicians. By the way, this is called fascism.

History repeats itself, so for an eye-opening glimpse of what Obama has in store for us we only have to look back at what FDR did to us - but bear in mind, FDR didn't have the National Defense Authorization Act or the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order.

Jim Hirschberg




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