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Disagrees with editorial

June 7, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

So I walk out to my porch on Memorial Day and I'm looking for something to read as I enjoy a relaxing evening on the deck, and I find a crumpled copy of the May 7 edition of The Messenger.

I being curious as to the current zeitgeist of cultural and political opinion, I nearly always flip to editorials, as I did on this evening, to find a "Messenger Editorial" that I found amazing in it's bold ignorance, how simply it viewed our nation and how unabashed the author of said piece was in his/her ignorance towards the subjects of peak oil, climate change, pollution and all the horrific consequences that come with desperately clinging to energy policies that are ruining our planet and running our government with their massive influential and passive/aggressive brand of corporate politicism.

By now you may know that the editorial referred to the bashing of the Department of Energy's 2013 fiscal budget.

To sum it up, it goes on to say that the United States government is not putting enough money into fossil fuel research and is throwing all our money away into research for alternative sources of energy. ... It also makes this a partisan issue unnecessarily by naming Barack Obama, like it was somehow his decision, like the oil and natural gas corporations actually need this money.

Firstly, if it was a partisan issue, it would be if the money was spent on fighter jets instead of energy - that's the D.C. conservative vote. Not all conservatives fight for Big Oil to get government help they don't need - only Texas congressmen do that, aside from Ron Paul, who votes "No" to everything.

Secondly, why would those companies need money to research "fossil fuels" when the topic has been research upside down and inside out, and the conclusion that these Big Oil companies came to is, "let's keep gasoline less efficient so people have to buy more of it"?

We all know renewable is the future, let's fund the future, let's not make it a partisan thing, and let us be glad the money is not filling up our debt-inflating defense budget, which is waiting to explode upon Iran upon whatever piece of intelligence our crooked executive branch decides is good enough for us as citizens to buy.

Joshua Arthur Knutson

Fort Dodge



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